Uttam Kumar

Hear what Uttam Kumar has to say about Virtual Pebbles. And sharing raves about his game-changing experience.

Uttam Kumar praises Virtual Pebbles for boosting their Institute's online presence sky-high and for soaring their digital reach!!

Kartikeya Shah
Founder, Aarneea Foods

They say the client’s perception is your reality, and our clients call us THE BEST!

In-frame is our client, Kartikeya Shah- Founder of Aarneea Foods is giving us interim feedback on how our work has impacted their business and helped them create a strong presence in the industry.
Also, he has given us a valuable tip for improving our work and effectiveness, which we will for sure consider in upcoming projects.

Hope we continue to work together for a longer period of time and keep delivering quantifiable results throughout the time.

Kartikeya Shah
Founder, Aarneea Foods

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy, and that is where we focus the most. See what our customers from diverse industries like healthcare, education, IT, mental wellness, and manufacturing have to say about Virtual Pebbles. We want to grow more and more as a marketing agency, but we understand that our customers are the primary key we have to take care of! Virtual Pebbles ensure that we will continue to stay true to the expectations of our valuable clients.

Kartikeya Shah
Founder, Aarneea Foods

Presenting you the unfiltered, real feedback of the founder of Aarneea Foods, Kartikeya Shah, on how our communication held up throughout the process. Transparent conversation and proper comprehension are key points for any agency trying to build solid relations with its clients. We feel happy to receive such positive remarks for the thing we put so much effort into.

Dr. Suril Vithalani
Gastro Prime Plus

We love hearing from our clients! Dr. Suril Vithalani owns the clinic Gastro Prime Plus, one of Ahmedabad’s top centres for cutting-edge surgical gastroenterology and exceptional care for digestive and gastric disorders.  He is giving interim feedback about his experience of working with Virtual Pebbles for two and a half months and the quality of service we provided during this period. We are now in Jaipur!  Transforming your digital presence is one step away—calling us.

Dr. Nagesh Bhandari
Presidential Secretariat, Indus University

The Indus University has grown substantially in terms of education & initiatives, and a lot of qualitative students have passed out from this university from different parts of the country. We have been associated with this university for the last 1.5 years, and we have been taking a lot of initiatives for Indus University.

The vlog displays the conversation between the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Nagesh Bhandari & the founder of Virtual Pebbles (Mr. Tarun GurwaraDigital Marketing & Branding Agency), Mr. Tarun Gurwara.

Radhika Bhandari
Director, WIIA

I’m Radhika Bhandari Director of WIIA (Western India Institute of Aeronautics). We have been working with Virtual Pebbles for the past 6 months, we are very happy to see how professional Virtual Pebble’s team is, when we see the deliverable of the contracts and their accomplishments they have always offered us more which is very rare to find these days. 

Tarun Gurwara (Digital Branding Specialist) and his teamwork in a very structured manner and can adapt to trends and situations very quickly and are open to taking calibrated risks and most importantly are transparent. The field of my company is Aviation which requires pulling in a very niche crowd and also raising awareness about what they are doing at the same time. Virtual Pebbles (Digital Marketing Agency) has helped us express ourselves in multiple forms and platforms and I thank the entire team for utmost enthusiasm and the hard work that they have put in. looking forward to taking this collaboration to an international level.

Virtual Pebbles and the team have been solid partners for a variety of needs and objectives. From social media management, paid campaigns and web strategy. They consistently bring comprehensive strategies, execution and ideation to the table that helped us reach our goals and objectives of being the top institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Sanjay Dalmia
Founder, tickLinks

I Sanjay Dalmia, Founder of tickLinks want to say that we are looking to make a wiki for teachers that am enriching to the teachers and channelized in a way that can help them in teaching students. There is a big demand as they are asked to provide lesson plans to the students. Teachers have to teach 5-7 to students every day that is a big task. They require a script that we are looking to provide to them. And while working on this we never thought about Digital Marketing Services. Virtual Pebbles and Tarun Gurwara (Digital Branding Specialist) was introduced to us by a common contact and I’m very grateful to Virtual Pebble, a Digital Marketing Agency for setting up our marketing infrastructure from scratch, setting the basic practices to get our marketing going. We have been working with Virtual Pebble on Digital Branding for the past 6 months and now we have even started to see the progress on Google ads, the clicks have increased on our search pages.

We have also recently launched a contest where our viewers and our consumers and we are continuing to work with Virtual Pebble. They have been generous and reasonable and they have assured us to work without too much cost as we are a nonprofit organization. 

Virtual Pebbles helped us realize the value of ROI of smart social media Management services through outstanding results that they have put forward. They have helped tickLinks articulate the “brand voice” and a digital identity of being the Wikipedia for teachers.

Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti
Kaizen Hospital

I’m Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti, A GI surgeon at Kaizen Hospital. Tarun Gurwara (Digital Marketing Consultant) and his Digital Marketing Agency and his team are just fabulous. They are very enthusiastic and energetic. They come up with creative ideas and try to push you to get more and more material. Their design is very good as they start from the grassroots and then build up. We have had a wonderful experience with them for one year and looking forward to our further journey.

Virtual Pebbles has been instrumental in helping us build our brand through their marketing campaigns. Working with Tarun is a pleasure, tremendous efficiency and a very solid ROI. they gave me the online identity of being the best gastroenterologist in India

Paresh Maniar
Joint Registrar, Indus University

I am Paresh Maniar, joint registrar at Indus University. We have tried digital marketing services 3 years back with a local agency but we were not very happy with the results and then for almost two years it was like a vacation for Digital Marketing but we were constantly feeling that there was a need for Digital Marketing Services to communicate to younger generations and connect with them with our perspective. 

So when you sent us your proposal and we went through it I was very happy, each and everything in your proposal were minutely described and explained in a very clear way and were time bounced and over the period we have worked with you, I have seen that you have delivered everything even in between the pandemic and you did your best and delivered most of the things on time. 

After the work started the engagement increased drastically and a lot of students took interest in our college and various courses. 

Your Digital Marketing Agency and your team is working very efficiently and are on time in all the 6-8 months we had with you. 

One thing is that when I had some problem in the evening after 7:30 or so I had to write it down for the next day as it was difficult to contact you at that hour. 

Now we have tested results of Digital Marketing Services, in this short period of 6 months we got great results and now next year we well we expect you to make us more popular. 

In the last 6-8 months the diversity of our college increased. We got students from 4 different corners of India now on our campuses and it’s all because of Digital Marketing so we expect more of these kinds of results in the future as well.

Virtual Pebbles exceptional digital marketing services like SEO, PPC and social media marketing has translated into meaningful visibility and lead generation. Tarun and the team took the time to understand us to optimize our functionality and focus on marketing to help us become the top university in Ahmedabad.

Parshva Shah
Director, CSE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This is Parshva shah from CSE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we provide different services like project engineering, detail engineering, remote support, and annual maintenance services of different control panels here in Ahmadabad. We have been associated with Virtual Pebbles for 9 months now. Virtual Pebbles help us with our complete Digital Branding Services and Digital Marketing Services and we have been very satisfied with their work right now. Their team is very supportive, cooperative, enthusiastic, and very creative. I wish to work with working with Tarun Gurwara (Digital Marketing Expert) and his Digital Marketing team for a long time.

Virtual Pebbles provides a top-level digital marketing service that encompasses social media, SEO, email and marketing automation that has increased our visibility as the biggest Control panel, electrical panel manufacturers. Virtual Pebbles and the team are very efficient and work as an extension of our team. They deliver real-time measurements that clearly indicate the consistent value they provide to our company.

Shrikant Rao
Australian Integrated Care

Hi, My name is Shrikant Rao, founder of Australian Integrated Care. We run NDIS Disability Business in Australia, Sydney. We have partnered with Virtual Pebbles over the last 4 to 6 months now, and Virtual Pebbles have come up with Digital Marketing Strategy in Australia, Sydney. 

They targeted us to acquire new customers, publish and market our services to a broader market. Tarun and his highly professional team at Virtual Pebbles are fantastic to work with. The whole team is very dedicated and have done a tremendous job of getting our name there in the market.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tarun and his Virtual Pebbles team for their efforts so far. We are continuing to work with them to go further with our business strategies and success.

Virtual Pebbles helped us to achieve our goals in many ways. Their brilliant team can help you with many Digital Marketing Strategies and other marketing activities. Thank you, Tarun and the team, for doing a fantastic job. Keep up the excellent work.

Sunil Shah
Chairman, GIS Foundation

My name is Sunil Shah, Chairman of GIS foundation 

We have been working with Virtual Pebbles, A Digital Marketing Company for the last 3 years and I would like to rate you and your team’s performance rather than going into a lot of elaboration. I would rate you and your team 8 or 8.5 out of 10. You and your team did a good job and GIS got a good mileage over various states as well as over the nation through your hard work. 

I appreciate your approach in understanding the need and understanding what the customer or the audience will probably require, how they will react or participate with the GIS through the post, but at the same time as part of the innovation, I observed never criticize. All those things which have been done over last year’s if today we have to perform them, we need to do them proactively and well in advance. Irrespective of everything we need to work with a calendar. 

It was set up in 2011 as a trust, in 2019 we converted this trust into a section 8 company that has got in more power and more transparency and is exposed to the ROC so anybody in the government can rely on its genuency. So we are not in a GIS foundation, so far we have our digital presence in Gujarat, we are trying to expand our horizon. This time in 2021 we’ll end up with the Western India awards. We are doing 15 awards every year and this time we’ll double it. We’ll try that a good number of people are being apart from 7 other states. I feel that the presence of digital media marketing is very critical to reach a large audience across these 7 states. 

The pebbles from Virtual Pebbles should be loud enough to reach out to these 7 different states.

We have been working with Virtual Pebbles for the last 3 years and they have proven their expertise in digital marketing particularly in the areas of SEO and social media marketing. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and committed to reach our goal and objectives making them invaluable partners to promote brand awareness, drive traffic and generate new leads. We feel confident that we are getting the best digital marketing services. It helped GIS India gain a digital identity for being the institution of engineers

Bhavin Shah
Owner, Ceramic Fashion Studio

I’m Bhavin Shah and my company (CeramicFashionStudio) is into products of Ceramics and elite products. I have known Tarun Gurwara (Digital Marketing Consultant) for the last couple of years. He used to take care of my all online website designs and promotional activities of my portfolios. Tarun Gurwara (Digital Branding Consultant) and his team have been very helpful in designing the website and the online products over online platforms very effectively. I appreciate their work a lot and how effectively he and his teamwork. His Digital Marketing Agency has helped me get good mileage over online platforms. They have also tried the products over different target audiences, and different topographical areas. I wish them great success over the coming years.

The team at Virtual Pebbles is second to none in the digital marketing industry. They have helped to grow our business Ceramic Fashion Studio online through their wide range of services like SEO, PPC, etc. They are excellent at conveying the significance of some of their role’s more technical components.

Pranav Pandya
Vice Chairman and Director, GESIA IT Association

Team Virtual Pebbles has been known to me for the last 3 years. I am a vice-chairman at GESIA. Team Virtual Pebbles have been associated with us as our content partner. Together, we have been carried out activities and projects, category on a large scale, known as Digital Leadership Conclave, wherein the CIOs of Gujarat interacted with the IT fraternity at large.

Though it was a virtual event, all content-making was carried out before the event to publicize it across social media. The team of Virtual Pebbles did a splendid job. The team has always been smiling and ever-ready to discuss experiences at any time. Many last moment changes were to be carried out, but they always show the true team spirit. I sincerely expect and wish that the team grows and gets success.

Sanjana Bafna Ranka
Owner, The Equilibrium

Sanjana Bafna Ranka owner of TheEquilibrium. I thought it was very structured and it helped me work towards getting it out there as well as I was in the planning stage also I thought it would need someone to create noise around it and I was honestly very happy to know what the process step by step is.

I think what we discussed with you initially has become real at some point between all the disturbances and the timeline is a little shaky but we are not very far to reaching there. You anticipated as a company and I as a person getting a company out I did too but we are very close to getting there.

I see you guys in a very special way as you have already done this before for a different website and managed to keep completely different identities which is very good and I expect that you’ll keep it original and unique in the future as well.

And what I would suggest you improve is that when you go to a customer you should keep all the options open keeping the customer’s choice in mind.

I would just like to mention one last thing that as I’m new to this place and company but whenever I needed help in any of the marketing things the company has helped me without questions asked. I’m really happy about working with them.

Virtual Pebbles expertise and “out of the box” thinking helped strategically deliver targeted content to my audience who need help. I have worked with them for so many projects including PPC, SEO, social media, lead nurture and website optimization. I, as a mental health therapist, could not have been much impressed by their professionalism, teamwork, communication and outstanding results.

Dr. Anand Khakhar
Liver Transplant Surgeon

Customer Reviews — Take a look at this stellar review! This video is for those companies, who are searching for a strong team with experience around what works in the digital world

Your customer has to tell you, who you are, how you are doing and how you can improve. This is the 12th candid conversation (Not scripted) with our customer. Dr. Anand Khakhar is a well known Liver Surgeon in India. Associated with Apollo and many other large associations in India.

Virtual Pebbles have met every goal set out for them and they are also great with putting forward innovative ideas on the front which set us to stand tall in this competitive world. With their strong SEO and SEM strategy, Virtual Pebbles helped us achieve a lot more than I expected.

They have truly made me the best liver transplant surgeon in India in a digital world too.

Dr. Amol Agarwal
Aditya Heart Clinic

I’m Dr. Amol Agarwal, a Cardiologist working at Sterling Hospital and my clinic in South Bhopal. I had the pleasure to work with Tarun Gurwara (Best SEO Expert) and his team at Virtual Pebbles. Tarun Gurwara (Digital Marketing Consultant) is my very good friend and through him, I got across this Digital Marketing Agency. I was not exposed to Digital Marketing Services before. He and his team are very helpful and hardworking and very professional in their work. They are always open to suggestions. Even for me who am not so much into the area of Digital Marketing, even a small suggestion is taken seriously and it reflects in their work. I would suggest everyone get in touch with Tarun Gurwara (Digital Branding Consultant) for Digital Marketing and Vlogging.

Virtual Pebbles’ methods and approach to the campaigns we’ve conducted with them so far have left us highly impressed. They’ve also provided us with invaluable insight into emerging trends in an ever-changing profession. We believe they have a thorough understanding of SEO/PPC, which is instantly apparent, and they provide amazing insight into what is unquestionably an ever-changing field.

Dr. Kandarp Bakshi
Owner, Marcel Therapy

Dr. Kandarp Bakshi, founder and CEO of Marcel OMR Therapy. This is therapy is basically for those people who have a habit of eating tobacco. Marcel OMR Therapy has come up with methods to get rid of this habit and as a marketer for Marcel OMR Therapy, we are very happy to have been connected to Virtual Pebbles, A Digital Marketing Agency. They have been able to give us a good digital presence over the digital platforms in the past months. 

I have already reached out to 3 other Digital Marketing Agency before Virtual Pebbles but when they told us about their services I felt that it was very different and very specific from others so I was a bit confident from the start that we’ll get along really good.

Marcel OMR Therapy is a very new approach and how you understood our work amazed me and I was really happy with it.

Their team explained all the segments of all the Social Media Marketing AgencyEmail Marketing AgencyYouTube Marketing, etc in detail and you even shared monthly and weekly reports with me about the work done. I have in fact learned from you and your team about Digital Media Marketing nuances and how it works.

They have become a part of Marcel OMR’s family. And we have also started working with them on our other company as well. They have worked with us under a minimum budget and they consider their client as your partners. I would strongly recommend anyone to get in touch with their Digital Branding AgencyDigital Branding Specialist

Virtual Pebbles has provided excellent results through its digital marketing and digital branding services. The team seamlessly integrates with our company by providing the level of communication and strategy that allows us to meet our objective. Our brand now stands tall as the best toothpaste in India

Romit Patel
Owner, Sharpex Forest and Garden Solutions

I’m Romit Patel from Sharpex Forest and Garden Solutions. We started working with Virtual Pebbles, A Digital Marketing Agency in June, it has been a few months now. Till now there has been a lot of progress we have seen on our social media. They have worked on our YouTube from scratch, before that it was completely kept dead aside.

Even in terms of creativity, the concept that this Digital Branding Agency works upon from sketching to illustrating and then the final product. They work on minor details and try to make their designs perfect. We haven’t seen this much creativity with other big companies and the humble nature of Tarun makes it very enjoyable for us to work with them.

Talking about Digital Marketing Services there were many things that Virtual Pebbles introduced me and I would suggest each and every company out there get in touch with Virtual Pebbles.

We’ve worked with Virtual Pebbles for several years and have been impressed with their professionalism, relationship management, and, most importantly, campaign management. To achieve our goals and objectives, we collaborated closely with the Virtual Pebbles team. Sharpex Forest and Garden Solutions has now become the top player in the category of garden tools manufacturing like grass cutting machines, wood and tree-cutting machines