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SERVICE – Digital Branding

Neear Pandita, Founder and CEO, are a Sales and marketing leader with over 26 years of experience in the laminate industry. He has successfully penetrated varied markets such as India, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan; and launched new products in several segments.

His ability to support customers through all their wins and losses has helped him with customer loyalty. During his tenure in Laminate Industry, he has built a strong relationship with raw material and equipment manufacturers.

In VIIN Solutions, we will use our strong relations with all suppliers to get the best deals for our customers in India and other countries.

Services Virtual Pebbles provided to VIIN Solution

Digital branding is a type of branding & brand management. It is the same traditional way of branding in the digital world. As a digital branding agency, we follow an approach that involves research, strategy, and advertising to build unique brand identities. As a Digital branding agency, Virtual Pebbles provides Digital Branding services to make your strong online presence. For those who mistake Branding Activities for Marketing activities – Physical or Digital, remember that all branding activities and marketing activities are interlinked and have separate steps for execution and accomplishment.

We are here to help your company or business to accomplish its most challenging goals and targets, from generating leads to growing your digital dreams with the help of Digital branding and Digital marketing.