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DATE – APRIL 2018 TO JULY 2019

SERVICE – Digital geo specific marketing, Search engine optimisation, Social media target marketing, Google remarketing

Red Litchee is aware that customers who purchase from them do so with lifelong savings. Because of this, they believe that some courtesies are vital to their company. Your time and your hard-earned money are valued by them. Therefore, they are careful when modifying our schedule to accommodate a potential client—like patiently responding to his inquiries and going with him when he makes site visits. A good example would be to solely consider a deal from their point of view and serve more as a strategic advisor than a marketing agent.

Red Litchee supports this service with a wide range of services; they have a team of committed experts with expertise in every facet of marketing and research for land and property, sales and leases, appraisal and valuation, individual and corporate services, as well as commercial and industrial properties. Additionally, they have reputable architects, Vaastu gurus, interior designers, leading banking institutions, and other experts. At this business, a customer’s questions and issues can be addressed across a single table.

Virtual Pebbles used various creative digital marketing solutions for Redlitchee:

Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising is the process of distributing promotional content to users via various digital channels. As a digital advertising agency, we run campaigns that accomplish particular objectives. To get successful results, we thoughtfully plan and continuously enhance campaigns. Digital advertising can be done on social media, professional media, email, search engines, mobile applications, and websites to display advertisements and convey your audiences and customers. You may convey the right message to the right audience at the right time using this advertising technique.

Digital advertising services from Virtual Pebbles can help your business flourish. With our all-encompassing approach to digital advertising services, we can assist your business in improving its brand awareness, revenue, sales, and other aspects.

The same traditional branding practices apply in the digital sphere. We employ a technique as a digital branding agency that blends advertising, strategy, and research to develop unique brand identities. Virtual Pebbles, a digital branding business, offers digital branding services to help you establish a robust online presence. Keep in mind that all branding activities and marketing activities—whether physical or digital—are interconnected and have independent sets of processes for execution and completion. This is important for individuals who mistake branding activities for marketing activities.

Geo-specific Google Marketing:

Digital advertising has significantly changed in recent years. By utilising a variety of tactics to target particular demographics, marketers may now focus their efforts on luring a specific type of client. One of the best strategies for doing this is geo-targeted advertising. Because it targets people in particular locations with your advertisements, this is a particularly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness in the neighbourhood. With location-based marketing, you can make better use of your consumer data. If you look at which stores perform better, you may adjust your advertising to make it more relevant. Online users are more receptive when your business provides them with intriguing, pertinent content.

Like everything else in digital marketing and branding, geo-targeting trends are continuously changing. What functions now might not function in six months. Virtual Pebbles can relieve you of the strain of routinely testing and optimising your campaigns and keeping up with the most recent geo-targeting strategies by helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is the process of appealing to and enticing new customers. You might use a number of different approaches to accomplish this. Some people will succeed in doing this more than others. Overall, keeping your focus on lead creation can be made easier by being aware of how important it is to your business. Lead generation’s main objective is to boost sales. You must think about how to turn leads that represent potential customers into paying ones. By generating leads, you are offering yourself the finest opportunity to do this. Increasing your revenue is one of the best ways to make your business sustainable. If you want to ensure your future, you must run a sustainable business.

Leads are perhaps the slightest thought about, but they can lead to many new business opportunities. By taking part in lead generation marketing, you will have the chance to encounter a variety of new people from varied circumstances. These relationships might lead to referrals or meetings with others who might be interested in your services. Never undervalue the significance of networking and marketing.

When evaluating the benefits of lead generation marketing, it’s essential to take a variety of channels into account. Understanding the part that marketing plays in the lead generation process is vital. The next step is to create leads and then convert them. And one that is crucial to ensuring the long-term prosperity of your business.

Why Digital Marketing and Branding is essential for Real Estate Businesses?

The real estate industry is in a mess as a result of the uncertain economy. Today’s real estate service providers must contend with a wide range of challenging challenges, such as volatile markets, shifting technological trends, shifting consumer interests and needs, changing environmental conditions, and shifting political contexts. If you give in to the slow worldwide development and fierce market competition, it is challenging to grow your real estate firm. Don’t let this happen to your business. To overcome the obstacles to success, invest in data-driven real estate digital marketing services.

Virtual Pebbles is a full-service digital marketing firm with offices in Ahmedabad. We utilise our years of experience and knowledge to deliver creative, performance-driven solutions to our clients. We begin by fully grasping your target market and business goals. Then, we create comprehensive multi-channel plans, sophisticated, successful marketing campaigns, and a rich, fascinating online experience that grows your business and increases your profit. Our team blends ideas from various backgrounds to forge new paths and offer outstanding experiences.