Date: Nov 2021

Services: Digital geo specific marketing, Search engine optimisation, Social media marketing, Google remarketing, Website Development, Content Creation


They were founded in 1972 as a producer of Push Button Stations and Distribution Panels, promoted by employees with industrial applications experience and professional qualifications.

Due to its emphasis on quality and ability to meet consumer needs, the Pustron brand has expanded over the years. Their devoted clients have consistently restored their faith in their goods, which gives us the assurance to provide them with cutting-edge technological solutions better. Their innovation, which they are proud of having developed for maintenance-free operation across all types of industrial applications, is characterised by weatherproof enclosures made of GRP or FRP. Today, practically all tiny and significant industrial houses in India are serviced by their enormous product selection. They are currently exporting to several African and Middle Eastern nations.

They are heavily involved in industries including cement, power, oil refinery, alumina and aluminium, chemicals and fertilisers, rayon, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, ports, metals and mining, and so on. Customers’ creative requests have resulted in a wide range of their products and systems, which they view as a challenge for ongoing innovation and improvement. For sectors that value the maintenance-free operation of control and automation systems, their design team is constantly on the lookout for new, cutting-edge solutions.

Services Virtual Pebbles provided to elevate Pustron’s Digital Presence:

Google remarketing & Professional media-focused marketing:

Remarketing is successful. Unlike other types of digital advertising, you choose your target audience based on your best assumption of their likelihood to be interested in your brand or product. You can gauge their level of interest with the help of remarketing. They have already interacted with your brand by clicking on your advertising, going to your website, watching your video, and other interactions. They are very likely to buy from you because they are already interested in your brand. On websites not part of the Google network, your ads appear. Remarketing is effective since customers see your ads even when they aren’t using Google to do searches. The Google Display Network, that includes more than 2 million websites and applications and reaches 90% of all Internet users globally, can be used to target anyone who visits.

In order to increase those users’ awareness of your business and entice them to make a purchase, Virtual Pebbles develops remarketing campaigns that dynamically follow those customers across the internet.

Digital Geo Specific Marketing, Social Media Target Marketing:

Our world is continually evolving as a result of various social media platforms. These businesses have an impact on the way we communicate, occupy our time, and make judgments about what to buy. Being able to convey your content to your target market in their own language enhances the possibility that they will interact with you on social media, form a bond with your brand, and eventually buy your goods. Your social media audience should be particular and in-depth. You won’t unintentionally eliminate anyone who might be interested in your products if you approach them in this way. Finally, a social media target audience will assist you in prioritising your target market and helping you sell your product successfully.

Advertising that targets consumers with content relevant to their location and activities is known as geotargeting (also known as geotargeted advertising). This advertising system shows material based on an automatic or purportedly accurate determination of the customer’s location. Advertising that is more targeted uses geotargeting. Geotargeting advertising enables you to display advertisements based on users’ actual locations when they authorise location services for apps on their phones (like a retail or restaurant app). Marketing professionals can use geotargeting to make more individualised, relevant promotions for clients, which boosts engagement.

B2B Lead Generation:

The creation of a lead funnel has many benefits. It first helps to increase brand awareness. Second, you might compile crucial client data. It frequently costs less than the majority of commercials. It continually promotes both the buyer’s and the seller’s interests. You are making a suggestion in exchange for a lead on a transaction. In marketing, finding and picking the interest of potential new customers is known as B2B lead generation.

Or, to put it the other way, it is a requirement before any company can seal a deal. One strategy for finding new clients is searching for businesses that could be interested in your company’s goods or services. B2B sales require a decision-making procedure involving a number of the parties’ consent. It’s much more difficult. Because decisions impact how all users interact with the system, they must be carefully thought out. For instance, before choosing which piece of software has the most advanced features at the most excellent price, a digital website and marketing company would first evaluate and compare many types of software.

The Virtual Pebbles team is aware of the value of both quantity and quality when creating leads for B2B and B2C businesses. Along with ensuring a higher overall conversion rate, our assistance will also save you time by minimising the amount of time you require to nurture and follow up with unsuccessful prospects. Our customers chose us because our services are of top quality.

Content and Media Strategy:

If you want to assess the effectiveness of your plan, you must set clear objectives. Metrics for media platforms, like those for any marketing effort, digital or not, should align with your organisation’s goals. It is the most efficient way to create a plan that generates income. A good content and media strategy involves much more than simply preparing and distributing your material. Finding ways to aggressively promote your content so that the largest audience is interested is a great strategy. Your content and media plan should include answering questions from customers who share your work or reposting their comments.

Virtual Pebbles heavily emphasises media content creation and distribution to assist our clients in achieving their goals. Insights into the realm of content and media strategy can be created and communicated by experts in media management and communication that we have on board.

Digital Branding and Brand Management for manufacturing companies:

Targeted advertising and a social presence can help manufacturers who rely primarily on conventional marketing channels, such as trade publications and trade shows, reach a larger audience. Manufacturers continue to gain from official events like trade shows and routinely spend money on TV advertisements, print ads, and other conventional media channels. These advertising strategies are quickly falling behind their online rivals. Through programmatic advertising, a business can target consumers that fit particular demographics without having any prior knowledge of who they are. Digital marketing is a great way to gather email addresses and leads. It’s also a fantastic hub for communicating with current leads and keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

You can immediately identify your audience by employing Virtual Pebbles, no matter where your target audience is or what they are watching. We help brands put whatever growth-boosting strategy they have in place using both conventional and digital media. Our team consists of marketing experts, experts in biddable media platforms, planners, and strategists. We understand that complete transparency and competent, adaptable, and agile staff are necessary for a successful marketing approach. We provide a unique blend of technology, data, and a programmatic strategy designed to find and engage customers while delivering measurable results. We also assist our clients in comprehending the complete consumer experience. Furthermore, brands deserve nothing less from us when we represent them in cutthroat categories.