DATE – May 2019

SERVICE – Digital geo specific marketing, Digital Advertising and Content & Media Strategy

At myCareBase, their vision is a world where seniors can have their needs met in the way they want, at the time they need, in the home of their choice.

  • Their mission is to offer seniors and their families an innovative online platform that becomes essential to the ongoing wellness and safety of the seniors and supports the family in their caregiving role.
  • By providing access to pre-screened services and curated resources, their goal is to help seniors live happily and in good health for as long as possible in the home of their choice.

Services Virtual Pebbles provided to elevate K and D Communication Limited:

Content and Media Strategy:

Anyone familiar with direct marketing knows that SEO success is unattainable without a solid content and media plan. Creating high-quality content is the best way to boost website traffic because it forms the basis of organic search. Because each potential client has various needs, there isn’t a single structure that can satisfy all of their requirements. Others prefer reading, while others learn best visually. Others merely want to skim the bullet points, while some folks would rather watch a video or listen to a podcast. They are receptive to various format requirements from clients while upholding a constant tone and set of beliefs.

Whether you’re handling your content marketing plan or hiring a content marketing company, you should have a measurable goal. Without a strategy, it’s easy for your company to lose track of its content marketing goals. This may lead to a disappointing return on investment (ROI) and a distorted view of content marketing’s potential.

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Geo-Specific Social Media Marketing:

The Internet transformed significantly from a tiny research network to a robust commercial infrastructure with a rapidly expanding user base. As a result, new business tools like digital marketing are revolutionising how companies communicate with and connect with their clients. Digital advertising is most frequently employed on the platforms with the largest user bases. Due to the vast user base, many businesses are attempting to leverage these platforms to engage with their customers. Social media marketing tactics have considerably increased the use of these platforms.

You may make sure that your adverts are viewed by the individuals who will most likely benefit from your goods or services, for example, by employing Facebook ads. These networks have become increasingly popular due to their sizable user communities, which allow companies to interact with customers through social media and more traditional advertising techniques. With geotargeting, you may focus on the areas where you’ll find the proper clients and stay away from the ones you don’t. Additionally, it allows you to run many customised adverts in different places for unique audiences in each location. Customers usually find this through Google PPC advertising, which offers a variety of local information based on your site.

Important of Digital Marketing for Senior Living Services

Digital marketing has become a catch-all for various marketing and sales activities. We thought it would make sense to define what we mean by digital marketing for senior living.

Times are changing, but you can make a significant impact with the right digital marketing. That’s where we come in — we help senior living facilities with their marketing, backed by fundamental research and proven results.