Marcel Therapy

DATE – AUGUST 2019 to April 2020

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The name MARCEL is pronounced mar-SELL. Marcel means “little warrior” and has French and Latin roots. It is a patented and well-studied poly-herbal oral rinse product for oral submucous fibrosis called Oral Mucosa Restoration (OMR) (OSF). It is a distinctive polyherbal combination that is specifically recommended to help cure oral submucous fibrosis, also known as locked jaws, which is brought on by excessive chewing of tobacco, pan masala, gutka, betel quid, etc. No alcohol, flavourings, preservatives, or colourings are present in MARCEL.

MARCEL contains naturally occurring alkaloids and flavonoids derived from clinically proven herbs that aid in restoring mucosa (inside the mouth) and improve the jaws’ suppleness and flexibility. MARCEL has been reported to help treat mouth opening, tongue protrusion, and relief from fibrotic bands, as well as symptoms connected to spice intolerance, mouth burning, tinnitus, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty speaking. The use of MARCEL to help treat Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) is justified by the numerous benefits found in polyherbal components.

Therapeutic innovation produces results. According to dental research, it is true that OSF cannot be healed because it is impossible to restore the jaws’ lost suppleness. Every standard treatment is short-lived and has a meagre success rate. They are also quite painful and expensive.

Contrary to popular belief, MARCEL successfully restored the suppleness of the jaws, allowing the “locked” jaws to open. Results from MARCEL are quicker, more apparent, and long-lasting. Additionally, MARCEL’s treatment is less expensive than any already used techniques. And the application/use is straightforward; just gargle.

marcel therapy

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