Liver Transplant Surgeon Dr Anand Khakhar

Date: May 2021

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He has created cutting-edge infrastructure at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai designed to successfully carry out complex liver, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic operations. He performs liver transplants using both living donors and cadavers. He earned his MBBS, MS in surgery, and DNB (Diplomat of National Board) degrees (super-specialisation – GU Surgery). He received a global scholarship from “SIU” to perform multiple organ transplant surgery.

After completing the fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, he was hired as a “Clinical Instructor” in Liver transplantation, Multi-organ transplantation, and Hepatobiliary surgery at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. Before returning to India, Dr Khakhar spent 18 months working at Columbia University as a “Clinical Instructor” for transplant and hepatobiliary surgery.

Dr Khakhar provided care for hundreds of patients before and after abdominal organ transplants while completing his fellowship in Canada, Pittsburgh (USA), and serving as a “Clinical Instructor” at Columbia University in New York. He also performed more than 250 liver transplants, more than 120 of which were as the primary surgeon, as well as a sizable number of kidney, pancreas, and multi-visceral abdominal organ transplants. During his time in North America, he received several research grants, published numerous peer-reviewed original research publications, and authored textbook chapters.

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