Dr. Suril Vithalani

DATE – July 2022
SERVICE – Website development, Digital geo specific marketing, Photoshoots, Search engine optimization, Video shoots, Social media marketing,


I put the needs of the patient first to provide the most excellent care with a skilled surgical team to deliver the finest patient care in Ahmedabad. I earned my master’s degree in general surgery from Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s NHL Medical College and Sheth VS Hospital. Later, I made the journey to Bangalore’s Global Hospitals for training. There I became interested in general surgery and thoroughly learned about this field. I founded Gastro Prime Plus to assist those struggling with severe digestive issues. Among my specialities & specialisation includes livery surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, gastrointestinal perforation, diverticulitis, gastric outlet surgery, portal hypertension surgery, and other areas. I have extensive training in advanced laparoscopic colorectal surgery.

In my eight years of practice, I have performed more than 490 surgeries and logged more than 5100 operating hours with planned research, techniques & direction of diagnostic and laparoscopic colorectal surgery. I aim to provide patients with digestive problems with the best possible primary, secondary, and daycare services.

How Virtual Pebbles helped Gastro Prime Plus to reach their potential audience:

Technology Services in Digital Marketing:

We are a digital marketing solutions company in Ahmedabad that caters to all-encompassing technology services in digital marketing to help your business achieve its most difficult objectives, from generating leads to realising your digital ambitions. Our award-winning team and tailored media & content strategies are the ideal fit whether you’re looking for a digital marketing firm to boost your ranking in search results, restructure your website for a marketing overhaul, or upgrade your media-content marketing strategy. The widespread adoption of digital technology marketing is elevating communications to a new level, leading to the development of beneficial data systems that will change how we produce, market, and consume goods. With Virtual Pebbles’ technology services for digital marketing, your company’s growth will be accelerated. With our all-encompassing approach to content strategy and technological services, we can help your company improve its revenue, sales, and other aspects.

Website Design and Development:

A talented web designer concentrates on a website’s visual appeal, usability, and, occasionally, even content. An intuitive web design is appropriate for the website’s primary audience and brand. To eliminate the appearance of unnecessary information and functionality that may confuse or distract users, many websites choose minimalist designs. It is crucial to minimise as many potential sources of user annoyance as possible because the foundation of a web designer’s work is a website’s ability to gain and keep the trust of its target audience.

Website content refers to any audio, textual, or visual materials that are posted on a website. The primary determinant of internet traffic is website content. The creation of compelling content and its organisation for user-friendly navigation is crucial for a reliable website. The content of the website needs to be optimised for search engines to respond to the keywords entered during searches. The tools and technology that our developers have access to on a daily basis are enabling them to create websites that are more dynamic and engaging. In order to encourage users to visit websites, the design is equally crucial. A blog with a good design could entice readers while also offering them helpful content.

Professional Photoshoots and Video shoots:

It is clear that more and more content marketers are beginning to recognise the wide range of compelling profits that come with including video content in their digital marketing strategy every year. When used effectively, video content marketing can put you miles ahead of your competitors by highlighting a product or service, boosting customer satisfaction, or broadening your social media reach. People like watching videos. That much is obvious. They’re easy to use, entertaining, and frequently instructive. Having a large audience interested in learning more about your goods and services is the first benefit on our list of benefits of video marketing. Businesses should expect to lose money and lose out on a sizable audience if they decide not to use video content marketing.

At Virtual Pebbles, we finish the entire process internally, allowing us to closely monitor the quality and collaborate to create the best shots. Our brand, product, and sector-specific videographers have greatly enjoyed working with our agency. Each shot our agency gives you is considerate, competent, and proficient.

Geo Specific Social Media Marketing:

The Internet quickly transformed from a small research network to a robust commercial infrastructure with a rapidly expanding user base. As a result, cutting-edge business capabilities like Digital Marketing are changing how companies connect with and engage with customers.

The most popular digital advertising platforms are those with the largest user bases. Due to the large user base, several businesses are attempting to leverage these platforms to interact with their customers. These platforms’ use has increased dramatically due to social media marketing tactics.

If you utilise Facebook ads, for instance, you may target the right audience with your ads and ensure that individuals who would most likely benefit from your goods or services see them. These networks have become more popular due to their sizable user communities, which allow firms to interact with customers through social media and more traditional advertising techniques. You can concentrate on the places where you’ll find the proper consumers and avoid the areas where you want by using geo-targeting. Additionally, it enables you to run various advertisements in various places that may be tailored to the different audiences in each area. Customers frequently encounter this through Google PPC advertising, which offers multiple and often local information based on your location. These platforms give you the opportunity to brand to large audiences and niche markets effectively.

Lead Generation:

You require a robust lead generation strategy for your company. With its aid, you might expand your business, better target your market, and boost sales. Lead generation delivers traffic to your website, which you may then convert to paying clients. Google has made it possible for people and businesses to connect much more swiftly. You can target customers who are actively utilising search engines to look for your product or service. You may attract potential customers to contact your business through various lead generation strategies, which, if adequately supported, can lead to sales. The more people that learn about your business and show interest as a result of any marketing campaign, the more money your business will make. Our team put great effort into developing a solid lead generation strategy for Gastro Prime Plus.

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Digital Advertising:

A digital advertisement can aid in telling the story of your brand, just like its predecessor, traditional advertising. However, digital advertising is ubiquitous and adaptable, allowing you to express your brand’s narrative using text, graphics, video, and more on channels your customers frequently use. Strong chances to tell brand stories at scale and in context are created by digital advertising. Marketers may reach more significant audiences in real-time and in an ever-more-personal way by running advertisements on a variety of devices and media.

Delivering promotional content to users via various digital platforms is known as digital advertising. We run campaigns that achieve specific goals as a digital advertising agency. We carefully develop and routinely improve campaigns to produce positive results. To display adverts and to message your audiences and customers, digital advertising can be done on social media, professional media, email, search engines, mobile apps, and websites. You can deliver the correct message to the right audience at the right moment with this method of advertising.

Working for brands in Healthcare Industry:

Doctors and other health care professionals now have the chance to advertise their services online, beyond their immediate area. Through digital marketing, healthcare professionals can establish their professional presence, attract new clients, and improve the perception of their field. It is not possible to overstate the value of digital marketing for the provision of healthcare services. If you haven’t yet used this tactic, perhaps now is the ideal time.

We completed Gastro Prime Plus digital marketing and branding, and as a result, we are able to produce a sizable amount of leads for their company. Not only have we handled their SEO, digital geo-targeted marketing, social media marketing, and Google remarketing, but we have also handled professional media centred on marketing, video shoots, Digital Branding services, website development, and many other tasks. Virtual Pebbles firmly believes in empowering our customers’ digital aspirations and advancing their businesses.

An end-to-end online marketing offering that will power the entire customer value journey, from customer acquisition strategy and design to modulation and conversion, is being created by combining a top digital native growth team, personalisation capabilities, a suite of cutting-edge, AI-driven technology, and analytics. Our team of specialists with first-hand expertise at Virtual Pebbles, India’s expanding digital firm, collaborates to help businesses overcome marketing challenges in the digital world.