Date: Jan – 2021

Services: Brand creation, digital geo specific marketing, social media target marketing, google remarketing, professional media-focused marketing, search engine optimisation, photoshoots, video shoots, and website development.

Businesses are using IT to increase operating model efficiency, flexibility, and agility. Markets and competitive pressures are putting pressure on organisations to be nimble and quick-thinking, as well as vigilant and proactive. These circumstances are compelling organisations to transform and adapt by utilising information technologies for quick execution, business model innovation, and efficiency development at lower costs. Over the past three decades, Dotcad has worked closely with various industry leaders, and more so now as they help construct agile and flexible IT infrastructures to support their ability to innovate, deploy, and adapt more quickly.

Dotcad offers a wide range of services in collaboration with its partners to ensure that your investments are safeguarded, accessible, and optimal. These services include consultation, designing and integration, management, and operation. This is an impressive portfolio that will allow you to concentrate on innovative projects while delegating day-to-day management and maintenance to them. This kind of portfolio has an extensive range and can be tailored to your needs. Dotcad offers a variety of innovative financing options to support you in achieving your financial and investing goals. They offer solutions from Capex-based to Opex-based IT consumption through operating leases, rentals, or Opex-based managed services like print or cloud.

How Virtual Pebbles Helped Dotcad to scale up their business:

Technology Services in Digital Marketing:

Technology has altered marketing, allowing for more customised and immersive consumer experiences as well as more integrated and focused marketing efforts. In addition, changes have been made in more ways than just how people and businesses interact. New marketing technologies have been thoroughly included in the architecture and business operations, adding value to procurement and increasing revenues. Virtual Pebbles make use of developing technologies and are better able to target, communicate with, and connect with their prospects and customers. The batch and blast days rapidly pass into history as systems become more adept at recognising and predicting consumer and corporate behaviour. New technologies’ primary objective is to improve connectivity between all continents, which will lessen the amount of control internet monopolies currently have over user data. More importantly, it will help us to create future initiatives that are more thorough and targeted.

Professional Photoshoot and Video shoot:

It is evident that more content marketers are starting to realise the several compelling benefits of including video content in their digital marketing planning every year. Excellent video content marketing can put you miles ahead of your rivals by emphasising a product or service, increasing client satisfaction, or increasing your social media reach. Video watching is popular. That much should be clear. They are amusing, simple to use, and frequently educational. The first advantage of video marketing is having a broad audience that is eager to learn more about your products and services.

Since the entire process is completed in-house at Virtual Pebbles, we can closely monitor the output’s quality and work together to produce the best images. Our firm has proven to be a terrific working environment for our brand, product, and industry-specific videographers. Each shot our company delivers to you is attentive, skilled, and professional.

Programmatic Marketing:

Artificial intelligence technologies provide real-time campaign optimisations for a visitor base that is more likely to convert through the use of algorithms. Companies that employ programmatic advertising can gather this audience data to target customers more accurately. Many opportunities would not be available if ads were manually placed, as was done in the past. Programmatic marketing makes these chances available. Digital media can be purchased by advertisers who pay for the relevant impressions they receive rather than setting a fixed fee in advance. Digital advertising is more adaptable because it can also buy a minimum number of impressions or a minimum sum of money. Additionally, they can purchase digital content from several providers, which reduces overhead.

Understanding how technology helps your brand is essential, even while in-depth knowledge of its inner workings is not required. Any trustworthy programmatic partner will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the technology guiding your advertising and what distinguishes their specific approach from others. The key is to take the necessary time to develop a deliberate, original strategy for your online brand identity. It would help if you worked in real-time collaboration with a trustworthy programmatic partner to create the most excellent approach, suggestions, and outcomes.

Content and Media Strategy:

Think of your content and media strategy like a building plan. The standards for the foundations and essential cornerstones are specified in the blueprints, which are prepared and validated before any construction work begins. Your media and content strategies should identify the goals of your material and how it will be distributed. Your content strategy describes the objectives and guiding principles for each piece of content you want to create. At the same time, the methods applied to produce and promote such content from the media and content strategy. Virtual Pebbles first understands your target audience before creating a plan to assist you in achieving your social networking objectives. We define your target audience using the accurate, real-world facts from your eCommerce platform and website. When we have a better grasp of your target audience, prioritising the media channels on which your business should actively provide content is much easier.

The procedure’s last step involves reviewing the goals you’ve established. Whether the objective was to increase sales or obtain 20% more followers, we gathered data from your media analytics platform and compared it to your pre-strategy numbers.

Lead Generation: B2B, B2C

A lead-generating funnel is an excellent technique for determining where potential customers are in your company’s customer base. You are focusing on what stage of the purchasing process they are in as a result. If your sales or marketing staff is aware of the stage, they are in. They will know where to focus their attention next. Although it often falls under the umbrella of advertising, lead generation is not limited to paid channels and techniques. Any online or offline strategy that raises interest in your website or business may be referred to as a lead generation. The most frequently used methods include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, cold calling, and event marketing. The Virtual Pebbles team is aware of the value of both quantity and quality when creating leads for both B2B and B2C businesses. With our assistance, you’ll not only guarantee a higher conversion rate overall but also spend less time nurturing and following up on unproductive prospects. Our clients pick us because of the high calibre of the services we provide. Furthermore, they chose Virtual Pebbles because we adapted our services to their specific requirements. We acknowledge that every business and brand is unique, and we’re eager to collaborate with you to identify what you need to succeed online.

Importance of Digital Presence for brands in the Technology Sector:

The tech sector has a fierce amount of competition. It can be challenging to reach your target audience, especially those decision makers, with so many competing tech companies vying for potential new consumers’ attention on digital platforms.

You can wish to build a solid sales funnel, improve your online presence, get advice on how to expand your company, or just increase the number of leads coming into your organisation. The correct strategy must be developed, implemented, and promoted in order for technology products or services to be successfully marketed. Your target market will depend on your industry, and no two IT companies are identical. This is why having a customised marketing plan that is in line with your company’s goals is crucial. In order to keep your marketing on track, we’ll work together with you to fully comprehend your business. Together, we’ll then develop quantifiable targets.

Using Virtual Pebbles, you can easily find your audience no matter where they are or what they are watching. We help brands use both traditional and digital media to promote growth using any tactic. Our team also consists of marketing gurus and experts in the biddable media platform, in addition to planners and strategists. We are aware that a marketing strategy requires a competent team that is adaptable and agile, as well as total transparency. We offer a unique blend of programmatic approach, technology, and data tailored to find and engage consumers and deliver measurable results. We also help our clients understand the overall customer experience. Furthermore, brands deserve nothing less when we represent them in competitive categories.