CSE Solutions India

Date: May 2019 – July 2020

Services: Digital geo specific marketing, Search engine optimisation, Photoshoots, video shoots, Social media target marketing, Google remarketing, Professional media-focused marketing, Print requirements


They began by founding “Control Systems Engineers” in 1996 with the goal of manufacturing custom-made Electrical and Instrumentation Control Panels for various businesses. They saw significant development in the industry, particularly in the renewable energy sector, and so “CSE Panels Private Limited” was formed in 2006 with an emphasis on catering to our customers for wind energy. CSE is happy to have gained tremendous expertise and good workmanship in the fabrication of E&I Control Panels after 22+ years of catering to various customer requirements of diverse sectors. They have diversified themselves to Industrial Automation and Control as part of their ambition to continually grow and be a part of an ever-changing sector.

CSE intends to support their customers by integrating industrial automation systems in addition to manufacturing control panels. With this goal in mind, they rebranded our company from CSE Panels Private Limited to CSE Solutions Private Limited in 2019. They have also joined with Rockwell Automation, the world’s leading company dedicated to Industrial Automation, and are now Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrators. CSE Solutions Private Limited and Rockwell Automation have committed to providing the best technological solutions to our customers in India and the APAC region.

Services Virtual Pebbles provided to elevate CSE Solutions’ Digital Presence:


Google remarketing & Professional media-focused marketing:

Remarketing is profitable. In contrast to other forms of digital advertising, you target people based on your best guess that they will be interested in your brand or product. Remarketing allows you to determine their level of interest. They’ve already interacted with your brand by clicking on your ads, visiting your website, viewing your video, and so on. Because they are already engaged in your brand, they are very likely to purchase. Your advertisements display on websites outside of the Google network. Remarketing works successfully since visitors see your advertisements even when they aren’t searching on Google.

Remarketing campaigns can target anyone who visits the Google Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites and applications and covers 90% of all Internet users worldwide.

Virtual Pebbles creates remarketing campaigns that dynamically follow those users across the internet, providing advertising to improve their knowledge of your company and encourage them to make a purchase.

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Digital Geo Specific Marketing, Social Media Target Marketing:

Various social media platforms are continually altering our world. These corporations influence how we communicate, spend our time, and make purchasing decisions. Being able to communicate your message to your target audience in their native language increases their likelihood of engaging with you on social media, developing brand loyalty, and finally purchasing your products. Your social media demographic should be very exact and detailed. If you handle it in this manner, you will not mistakenly exclude anyone who would be interested in your goods. Finally, a social media target audience will help you sell your product successfully and prioritise your target market.

Geotargeting refers to advertising that uses location data to target customers with material related to their location and activity (also known as geotargeted advertising). This advertising system displays content based on an automatic or ostensibly accurate understanding of the customer’s location. Geotargeting is used in more specialised advertising. When customers accept location services for apps on their phones, geotargeting advertising allows you to display advertisements based on their actual whereabouts (like a retail or restaurant app). Geotargeting enables marketers to create more relevant, tailored promotions for customers, increasing engagement.

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B2B Lead Generation:

There are numerous advantages to building a lead funnel. It initially aids in raising brand awareness. Second, you may gather vital customer information. It is frequently less expensive than most commercials. It often serves the interests of both the buyer and the seller. You are suggesting something in exchange for a sales lead. Finding and capturing the interest of potential new clients is referred to as B2B lead generation in marketing.

To put it the other way, it is a prerequisite for any company before finalising a deal. Looking for firms that could be interested in the products or services your company provides is one technique for discovering new clients (your target audience). B2B sales involve a decision-making process that necessitates the agreement of numerous parties. It’s far more challenging. Decisions must be cautiously considered because they affect how all users interact with the system. For example, a digital website and marketing company would first examine and compare several types of software before determining which piece of software has the most sophisticated features at the best price.


When it comes to developing leads for B2B and B2C organisations, the Virtual Pebbles team understands the importance of both quantity and quality. Our support will not only ensure a more significant overall conversion rate, but you will also spend less time nurturing and following up on ineffective prospects. Our customers choose us because of the high quality of our services.

Professional photography and videography:

The use of high-quality, professional photography and video content on your website, social media, and other digital channels not only attracts readers but also boosts your online visibility. Images and video content can help you improve the efficacy of your content. Visitors are 80% more likely to connect with information that includes a picture and 64% more likely not to forget what they read or heard. Imagery is an integral part of your brand and how you communicate with the public. Video and graphics allow you to convey the spirit of your brand entirely.

High-quality images set your firm apart from the crowd and establish it as distinct and professional. This might be the difference between someone clicking on your Google Ad, participating with your social media, or contacting you via your website. It has the ability to significantly increase a company’s quality, resulting in higher-quality services and customers.

Digital Branding and Brand Management for manufacturing companies:

Manufacturers who rely heavily on traditional forms of marketing, such as trade journals & trade events, can reach a wider market with targeted advertising and a social presence. Manufacturers continue to benefit from formal occasions such as trade exhibitions, and they frequently invest in TV commercials, publications, and other traditional media forms. These advertising methods are rapidly losing ground to their digital competitors. Programmatic advertising enables a company to target customers in extremely specific demographics without knowing who they are ahead of time. Digital marketing is an excellent method for obtaining leads and email addresses. It’s also a terrific central centre for staying in touch with existing leads and keeping your brand at the top of their minds.

Through Virtual Pebbles, you can quickly identify your audience regardless of where they are or what they are watching. We assist brands in implementing any strategy to increase growth using traditional and digital media. Our team includes marketing gurus and biddable media platform pros, along with planners and strategists. We recognise that a successful marketing strategy requires capable, versatile, and agile personnel, as well as complete transparency. We offer a one-of-a-kind combination of technology, data, and a programmatic strategy geared to locate and engage consumers while producing quantifiable results. In addition, we help our clients understand the overall consumer experience. Furthermore, when we represent brands in competitive categories, they are entitled to nothing less.