Centre for Indic Studies

Centre for Indic Studies

Client- Centre for Indic Studies

DATE – July 2022

SERVICE – Social media target marketing, lead generation, search engine optimisation, google remarketing, professional media-focused marketing


At Indus University in Ahmedabad, there is a research division called the Centre for Indic Studies (CIS), operating under the auspices of the Indus Institute of Special Studies (IISS). The Center for Indic Studies serves as a focal point for many courses centred on the dharmic history of India. To encourage studies and research on various facets of Indian Civilisation, the Centre for Indic Studies was founded. It will concentrate on the many facets and connections of Indian Civilisation, illuminating the causes of its unparalleled unity and variety. This centre aims to investigate a variety of topics that reflect the fundamental beliefs and ideals of Indian civilisation.

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