Client – Abhedya

DATE – NOV 2017

SERVICE – Digital geo specific marketing, Photoshoots, Search engine optimisation, Video shoots, Social media target marketing, Google remarketing, Professional media-focused marketing, Print requirements

The goal of Abhedya is to ensure that India emerges stronger, united, and unfazed, refusing to submit to any economic, physical, or mental colonisation and building a Dharmic Empire of genuine harmony and unrestricted world peace. Through close interactions with Rural/Tribal communities and the creation of creative and valuable ideas for sustainable and interdependent living, Abhedya aims to develop Rural/Tribal & Urban leadership & entrepreneurialism at local, national, and international levels. A society’s success is rooted in and starts with an individual when he stops acting as a seller and propagandist and stops brainwashing people to think and act a specific way.

A civilisation might thrive in the truest sense if it “facilitates” the individual to reach a point in life where they do not represent any flag or identity. A location where all traces of “influence” fade and disappear. Such a stage can be attained when all institutions enable the natural and spontaneous flow of a person’s consciousness. A consciousness that develops, in turn, fosters and supports learning in various ways that advance society and fortify the institutions designed to free people who might otherwise be caught in the crossfire of propaganda wars. A person reaches a point when “accomplishment” is present, but “achiever” is not. At this point, it can be claimed that the person is grounded in success. Success is where ego and personal goal lose their appeal.

This is the Dharmic civilisation that the long-established Bharat has become. We want to restore and re-establish this. This will eliminate any additional belief baggage that may have accumulated with “learning” along the road and allow for the emergence and spread of pure consciousness. This is why many Dharmic traditions emphasise thoughtlessness or thoughtless awareness more than anything else.

What do we do to enhance Abhedya’s Digital Presence?

Digital Presence

The simplicity with which your goods and services may be promoted is one of the main advantages of having a strong online presence. Because with online portfolios, social networking photo albums, YouTube video posting, and so many other tools, it is quite simple to highlight the services that your firm provides. When there are so many ways to interact with the public, becoming an authority on your subject shouldn’t be a problem. Some customers will begin their purchasing journey online and end it offline, while others will do the opposite. However, many new clients won’t want to take their time searching for a business, product, or service. Instead, a quick Google search should allow them to locate you. Will they become a client of your business after they locate you? Your online presence, including the incentives you provide on your website or through your social media channels, has a lot to do with converting leads into consumers.

Programmatic Marketing:

Ad exchanges are how programmatic advertising operates. In order to provide the advertising with the most value for their money, an automated algorithm uses advanced analytics to decide where to display the ads on publishing websites depending on variables like industry and demographics. It only takes a few seconds, and buyers can virtually immediately discover suitable space for their adverts. Programmatic advertising is ideal for both large and small organisations because it is entirely scalable in terms of the amount spent on ad campaigns.

Depending on the client’s requirements, programmatic advertising offers the chance to reach a broader and diverse audience thanks to the millions of websites & the ad space they provide.

For advertisers, programmatic advertising offers a level of transparency that gives them complete control over their campaigns. Marketers can precisely track which websites are hosting their ads, the audiences that are viewing them, and the ROI of their campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Increasing the people’s knowledge of your company’s name, goods, or services is one of advertising’s most prominent effects. A few encounters with your company among your target clients are probably necessary for them to begin to remember you, and advertising campaigns assist you in doing this. You may enhance the reputation of your small business by advertising. Both offline and online advertising may increase the visibility of your essential messaging, draw attention to the key points that you want your target audience to remember, and promote the best features of your business. For acquiring new customers, online advertising, such as social media and search engine ads, is especially important. You don’t need to appeal to as many people with web ads as you would with more conventional lead forms of advertising like print or television.

With the use of social network posts, website comments, mails, and reviews, digital marketing enables you to communicate with visitors to your content directly. If you show that you are interested in what your customers have to say and think, they will feel valued and that they are a part of the community you are building. Additionally, it enables you to compile valuable data about client reactions and preferences. Digital marketing allows you to track your clients’ behaviours in addition to engaging with them. Just before they make a purchase, you can keep track of the adverts and information they have viewed. This reveals the best marketing strategies, enabling you to adjust and enhance your plan.

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