Why Us for Digital Marketing Service and Digital Branding Service

Founder and Co Founders with Strong Design, Branding, marketing & software Backgrounds
Design Concepts, Design thinking, Marketing for B2B and B2C is who we are!
Team members are partners in the company, everyone works with accountability
Almost 8 years – 2012 – 40+ clients – 70% retention – we are integrators
We work with your sales & marketing team, we align them digitally
Our deliveries and output has been experienced & seen by customers in Canada, India, Australia
  • Founder and co-founders with Strong Design, Branding, marketing & software Backgrounds
  • Design Concepts, Design thinking, Marketing for B2B and B2C is who we are!
  • Team members are partners in the company, everyone works with accountability
  • Almost 8 years – 2012 – 40+ clients – 70% retention – we are integrators
  • We work with your sales & marketing team, we align them digitally
  • Our deliveries and output has been experienced & seen by customers in Canada, India, Australia

Reasons why you need Branding, Marketing, Communication & Advertising Digitally

  1. More modern consumers are going digital

A modern consumer is progressively pushing toward a more digital experience with regards to exploring and making purchases. Search engines like Google stay the most well-known channel for consumer research. Regardless of whether shoppers are toward the early phases of the client excursion or prepared to purchase, they regularly use search engines to discover the data they need to settle on an educated buying choice and research specific brands. The company’s work must be visible during these digital searches so they can engage the customer and work to influence their purchasing decisions by providing valuable information.

  1. Digital marketing strategies are affordable.

Even large businesses with large marketing funds need to be conscious of how they spend their marketing. One of the greatest benefits of digital advertising is that these tactics are both affordable and effective. Businesses can market through email marketing, social media marketing, Search engine marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-driven content marketing at only a portion of the price that it costs to create and distribute print advertising or develop and place ads on prominent radio stations or television channels.

  1. Your investment can be easily tracked and monitor your digital campaigns.

The modern marketer must have a way to track the success of their marketing campaigns. This is to see what is working and what isn’t with regards to their marketing strategies. With this data, organizations can not just more precisely measure their return on investment, yet they can likewise recognize territories of progress and work to make more successful campaigns dependent on the discoveries. Digital marketing and digital branding make these tasks easier than ever by taking all of the guesswork out of tracking and monitoring marketing campaign success.

  1. Your brand can provide a more interactive experience through digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing and digital branding channels also allow companies to provide a more personalized experience through interactive video ads and tailored product recommendations. Online video and photo shoots have quickly become a part of consumer’s routine lives. Cisco predicts that by 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be a video with video accounting for 85 percent of total U.S. internet traffic. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage their target audience. Businesses can use online video and photo shoots to grab the attention of the audience and inform, entertain, and engage their ideal consumers.

  1. Digital marketing channels allow you to be a part of the conversation about your company.

Social media marketing is a popular digital advertising tactic that allows your company to be part of the online conversation about your brand. Over the past few years, it has become clear that social media marketing is here to stay, and it’s not just for young people. Research shows that seventy-nine percent of all internet users have Facebook profiles and sixty-eight percent of all profiles. These statistics show that there is an attractive opportunity for brands who want to reach their target market and start a conversation on social media marketing.

  1. With digital marketing, you can respond to trends in real-time.

Digital marketing and digital branding allow you to respond to popular trends in real-time. This helps your business take advantage of consumer response to current events, trends, topics, and technologies. No matter if any brand is using advanced technologies to reach out to customers, communicating in conversations about popular events using the most popular platforms to deliver targeted ad content, digital advertising makes it possible to stay ahead of the game. By taking advantage of what’s popular at the moment, businesses can increase their visibility online and reach more lead generation and customers.

  1. Your business can significantly increase reach.

Regular marketing materials can be quite effective for reaching a targeted audience. For example, if you want to target a particular geographical location, radio and television ads can be a great way to reach that local audience. Similarly, print ads in newspapers and magazines are an effective way to reach the specific demographic who spends time reading these publications. However, if you are looking for ways to move beyond these targeted audiences or reach new targeted audiences across the nation or the globe, digital advertising can help you increase your overall reach.

  1. Digital marketing and digital branding can help brands improve their customer relationships.

Another reason why digital advertising is a must for most modern brands is that it allows companies to foster better customer relationships. Whereas most traditional marketing provides one-way communication with the consumer, digital advertising allows for two-way communication in real-time. This will make it simpler to address our consumers’ questions and concerns without delay while also fostering brand bonds through quality consumer engagement.

  1. Digital marketing tactics pair well with traditional print marketing.

Many businesses are under the assumption of once they go digital, they can’t go back to regular marketing. However, using the two in conjunction allows “the best of both worlds” when attracting and engaging your customers. Finding success with a digital marketing strategy is to consider the strengths of each marketing tactic and take advantage of these strengths to maximize results.

  1. Revenue and Lead Generation

Lead generation is important to a business. Without lead generation, a business will struggle to make sales and expand. Any business must have a good lead generation strategy. As a business will struggle to lead generation as they are unsure what type of people they are looking to attract and sell to.

By having more engaging website development,social media marketing platforms, we can grab the attention of a potential customer who is looking for something specific. We ensure that your business stands out from the competition and increases the chances of your conversion.

We can also allow the sales and marketing departments within a business to build a productive relationship. These departments will need to work together to implement an effective lead generation strategy. This will lead generation to more qualified lead generation. Which are drives to more consumers and more sales for the salespeople!

  1. Being Digital is a mandate. Competitors are doing everything that they can be ahead in-game!

If you want to remain competitive in your industry, you must keep up with your competitors. And there’s a good chance that many of them are already using digital marketing and digital branding strategies to reach new lead generation, engage current customers, and influence purchasing decisions. As per the Content Digital Marketing Institute, 76% of B2C marketers and 88% of B2B marketers are currently using content digital marketing strategies like blogging to engage their target market. With the majority of brands reaching and engaging consumers through digital advertising, consumers have come to expect this type of digital engagement from the brands that they buy from.

  1. Weekly and monthly reports

We at virtual pebbles gives our customers weekly and monthly report as well as a weekly and monthly planner for that they can see the progress and lead generation going on the business.

Having a plan keeps us focused, gives us complete clarity over what it is our customers need to do on a daily and weekly basis. It’s what gives us focus and direction in our day so that we can always know what our customer needs to be working on next.