Why Google prefer your Backlinks Strategy Should Be Quality Over Quantity?


A backlink is a vote of confidence search engines like Google use to determine if a website is trustworthy,” said Thrives Link Building Manager, Claudia Cruz. “It is an effective way of getting third parties to affirm your site’s authenticity, trustworthiness, and authority.

Backlinks are a crucial component of Google’s algorithm, determining where websites appear in search engine result pages.

Backlinks are quite valuable, especially if they originate from a domain with a better position. They may be able to aid you in gathering a large crowd. When it comes to backlinks, you should aim to get your site referenced on sites that are related to yours. It will eventually target a similar audience, and you will become a regular visitor.

It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t spam your links. Spamming links anger the audience. Rather than focusing on the number of backlinks, it is considerably more useful to concentrate on their quality.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from another website in your specialty that point to yours. They can be found in blog posts and other websites’ material, but they’re most typically found on social media sites and directories.

Marketers like you are rushing to develop these works of art because they have a big impact on your Google rankings.

As you may know, the two most important components of search engine optimization are offshore SEO and onsite SEO. Every offsite SEO approach relies heavily on backlinks. Search engines regard backlinks from one website to another as a vote of confidence in the quality of the linked site.

How Important Is Link Building for SEO?

Link building is extremely important. Since it has become such an important ranking factor, various link-building companies have sprung up. As previously said backlinks serve as a vote of confidence for your website and are essential for enhancing your internet visibility through organic search. There are two primary ways how links are used by search engines:

  • They want to find fresh web pages that they can incorporate in their search results.
  • To help them figure out where a page should show up in their search results.

The importance of quality, relevance, and authenticity has never been greater than it is today. While spammy, low-quality link-building tactics can be beneficial, they should not be used as part of a company’s long-term organic search strategy.

Obtaining links that you didn’t ask for is the nirvana of SEO. It’s something you should always strive for and work toward in the long run. This is accomplished by making an effort to make your website link-worthy, whether through a good product or service or excellent content that is shared by other websites.

Link Building Quality vs. Quantity

Obtaining a link from a website with authority or trust will not only increase the amount of exposure that the material or website linked receives, but it will also provide the linked site a significant boost in authority. When a prominent news website covers an issue and includes a resource link to one of your sites, it practically says, “We trust this connection.” Both readers and search engines will trust it.

Because of Google’s algorithm changes and changing online attitudes, there is now only one clear answer to the link-building quality vs. quantity issue.

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Your website should automatically gain links over time. Understand that the process should be ongoing and that reaping the benefits of your efforts will take time in many competitive industries. Search engines love to see your website develop naturally over time.

The bulk of websites do not suddenly receive 500 new backlinks. Instead, focus on building high-quality backlinks that point visitors to relevant pages and information on your website. For search engines, the source of backlinks is more essential than the total number of links. Your firm will avoid Google penalties and increase revenue if you focus your efforts on building high-quality backlinks.

Advantages of a Link-Building Strategy Concentrated on High-Quality Links

  • You gain credibility by including links

Links serve as third-party indicators of your domain’s authoritative strength, and they lend credibility to your site. Google makes an effort to give the most relevant results to its consumers. It accomplishes this by including the concept of ‘authority.’ The more high-quality links pointing to your site, the more trustworthy it is.

  • Google gives your website a ranking based on how many high-quality links it has

You won’t account for more than half of Google’s ranking variables if you don’t establish links. Google places such a high emphasis on links that it’s nearly impossible for it to rank your site if it lacks them, regardless of how good the content on your pages is. To achieve a higher ranking than your opponents.

  • Increased exposure and visibility

It can be utilized to help generate legitimate leads as well as improve search rankings. For example, if you want to reach out to a new audience in a new geographical place, link building will help you accomplish so by raising awareness in that area. This can have a big positive influence on your business and help you quickly establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.

  • Relationships within your niche have improved.

You’ll not only generate relevant links but also deepen your ties with key people in your area if you follow Google’s recommendations and focus on producing links inside your industrial specialization. Another path may be able to benefit from it.

  • Increased revenue and sales possibilities

More traffic and greater metrics indicate a higher revenue potential. Your website will achieve a higher ranking in search engine results, offering you more potential customers. This means you’ll be able to sell more goods and services while also increasing your revenue.


Over time, your website should begin to accumulate links. You must keep in mind that the back link-building process will be continuing and that witnessing the effects of your efforts in many hard organizations will take time. Search engines prefer to see your site develop naturally over time.

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