What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do

Digital marketing is much more than just knowing a way to run an advert campaign on Facebook or conduct SEO research. It’s a collection of skills and the simplest way of thinking which will be a business-changing event if done showing intelligence. Proficient digital marketers ought to have a diverse skill set and knowledge about which platforms are most productive, however, their target market performs, and how data metrics can be analyzed.

What does a Digital marketing manager do?

A Digital marketing manager is liable for coming up with plans and managing a Digital marketing campaign to promote a business, products, or services on all Digital marketing platforms available.

Some of the tasks include:

Content marketing:

In the digital world, you need content in no matter sort (text, pictures, video, audio, etc.) as a result of you cannot do anything digitally without content. The question is what kind of content you need, who is going to provide the content, what are the topics, names, size of content, etc. These are the common inquiries to be answered by the content marketing manager, and if there is no content marketing manager, then the Digital marketing manager has a responsibility to do so.

Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool to induce your online store or business to get promoted. Social media experts need to decide the social media platform to use, targets, how to manage followers, and the type of content to be pushed.

Email marketing

If you utilize email marketing in a more advanced manner than sending out updates and subscription offers, your email marketing campaigns likely have a dedicated Digital marketing expert. It’s the Digital marketing manager’s job to plan a company’s email marketing campaign that is in line with the overall Digital marketing approach.

Mobile marketing

Users already use mobile devices to access the web more than desktop computers, and the statistics show that it is unlikely to alter. Mobile marketing might include providing consumers with a mobile-friendly website or even designing mobile applications for various markets. The Digital Marketer should have the experience and business expertise required to recommend the best approach to this.

Communication, formulation, monitoring, and optimization

A Digital marketing specialist is responsible for the design and execution of the above tactics besides:

  • Communication with a client and explain to them the importance of Digital marketing for their business.
  • Use all the resources to build a detailed Digital marketing strategy for promoting a business online.
  • Explain the Digital marketing strategy to the client.
  • Track the implementation of the Digital marketing campaign so that everything is performed on schedule and correctly
  • Optimization of the plan based on current metrics.

Must-do things for a Digital marketing expert

  • Track the SEO results frequently and perform keyword analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of Digital marketing.

It’s a great way to drive reliable, appropriate, and sustainable traffic to your web, and it’s usually the lowest-cost form of Digital marketing.

  • Selection of platforms

Exercising every possible platform is key to improving the marketing effort. This will mean that you hit the largest number of people, collect the most leads, and attract as many consumers as you can. The main channels to be focused by digital marketers are:

-Social Media Marketing (SMM)

-Affiliate Marketing

-Email Marketing

-Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

-Display Advertising

  • Use A/B testing

It’s a bit difficult to get everything right the first time but segmenting the audiences and designing multiple campaigns to decide which will achieve better results, is an excellent practice.

  • Subscribe to industry-relevant newsletters

This may seem obvious, but it is the strongest tool a digital marketer can have to keep up with the competition in terms of developments and knowledge in the industry. HubSpot, Search Engine Land, Marketo, Digital Marketer, and Social Media Examiner are just some great examples.

Most of these provide a free newsletter via an email subscription.


A Digital marketing specialist is not just an SEO professional, but he/she needs a set of skills relating to the different ways you can advertise an online website, as well as skills related to strategy, project management, and team management.