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What is Programmatic Marketing?

Despite being one of the most crucial tools in your company’s toolbox, programmatic marketing is one of the least known types of advertising. The technique of using automated bidding and placement platforms to buy and sell digital ad space in real-time is known as programmatic marketing. Hyper-specific information, such as the target consumer’s age, geography, occupation, and unique consumer interests, is used to make ad placement selections. This makes it possible for businesses to start hyper-targeted advertising campaigns successfully. 

Since it is significantly more effective for advertisers and media firms to manage their budgets, programmatic has proliferated. Before programmatic, a publisher had to call a potential advertiser, discuss the terms for various ad inventory levels, and employ a manual insertion order process before making a purchase. Ad exchanges have entirely altered how programmatic advertising is sold and purchased today. The sheer number of tests you can run meaningfully in any particular period is a very differentiating aspect of programmatic marketing. 

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How does it work?

Through the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence technologies enable real-time campaign optimisations for a visitor base that is more likely to convert. Companies that use programmatic advertising can collect this audience information to target customers more precisely. 

DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs are all used in programmatic media buying. Due to the integration of DMPs(data management platforms) and demand-side platforms (DSPs), which make it easier to purchase advertising space on the open market, enable you to reach your target demographic. DMPs gather and examine a sizable amount of cookie data, which allows the advertiser to determine who their potential target market may be with greater certainty. The auction can be finished in the milliseconds it takes for the page to load because the process is automated, and the highest price each advertiser is willing to pay for the impression has already been programmed in. 

If ads were placed manually, as done in the past, many chances would not be available. These opportunities are made accessible by programmatic marketing. Advertisers can buy digital media without agreeing on a price in advance and pay for the relevant impressions they receive. Additionally, they can purchase a minimum amount of impressions or a minimum amount of money, which increases the flexibility of digital advertising. They can also buy digital media across publishers, which lowers administrative costs. 

Key points to consider

To achieve optimum success and ROI, marketers need to be aware of the benefits of incorporating a programmatic approach into their media mix and what it will deliver. They also need to be mindful of some planning traps to prevent them. 

Here are the six factors that marketers need to take into account when selecting a programmatic partner: 

The core is a multi-program strategy

Recognise the technology offering

Creativity is crucial

Measurement language should be consistent

Transparency is essential in programmatic

The superiority of quality over quantity

The core is a multi-program strategy

You can benefit from any chance by trading on numerous demand-side platforms (DSPs), which is a benefit. To enhance the effectiveness of your campaign, it is possible to identify and capitalise on the advantages of each DSP. Working with several DSPs and exchanges guarantees companies to access the most significant number of consumers and potential customers.

Recognise the technology offering

While detailed knowledge of any technology’s inner workings is not necessary, it is crucial to understand how it benefits your brand. Any reputable programmatic partner would be happy to address any inquiries you may have regarding the technology driving your advertising and what makes their particular strategy different.

Creativity is crucial

The trick is to invest the necessary time creating a thoughtful, creative approach for your online brand identification. Having a programmatic partner who collaborates with you in real-time is vital to developing the best strategy, suggestions, and results.

Measurement language should be consistent

Programmatic purchasing can be a potent tool for marketers. Still, you need to have open lines of communication with the group in charge of planning and carrying out your campaigns. The provided insights may be impacted by the ongoing complexity associated.

Transparency is essential in programmatic

Each campaign’s goals differ for sales, engagement, action, or brand exposure. Your partner must offer complete and transparent campaign performance and learning, along with data that may be used to inform future planning and CRM strategy for a brand.

The superiority of quality over quantity

Site lists, frequent reports that contain impressions, time spent, clicks, CPM, and any other information and statistics agreed upon, should be provided by a programmatic partner. An ongoing and dependable resource for you should be a programmatic partner who is quality-focused. You may begin to enjoy the advantages of proactive programmatic advertising campaigns once you’ve identified a strong fit for your business. 

How can Virtual Pebbles Help you?

You can quickly locate your audience using Virtual Pebbles, regardless of where they are or what they are watching. We assist brands in utilising conventional and digital media to drive growth using any strategy. Along with planners and strategists, our team includes marketing specialists and experts in the biddable media platform. We know that a marketing plan needs to be completely transparent and have a flexible, agile team of professionals. We assist our clients in comprehending the entire customer experience and offer a unique combination of programmatic strategy, technology, and data designed to locate and engage consumers and produce quantifiable results. Furthermore, when we represent brands in competitive categories, they deserve nothing less. 

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