Western India Institute of Aeronautics Pvt. Ltd

Date: NOV 2020

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The government of India, along with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), approved Western India Institute of Aeronautics Pvt. Ltd. (WIIA) to offer Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and other skill development courses in the aviation field with the newest technology and systems. WIIA is the only AME institute in India with a Boeing 737-200 aircraft on campus. Since 2004 they have been supplying the aviation sector with skilled labour. The WIIA AME students have the opportunity of earning a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Aircraft Maintenance through a partnership with Indus University, which would help them advance their professional possibilities.

WIIA is committed to providing its students with the best training possible in the aviation industry for their holistic growth. To assist the student in planning their future, they have a highly experienced faculty, aviation specialists from the aviation sector, and alumni. For all levels of the aviation industry, the professional training and placement section at WIIA offers soft skill training, workforce solutions, help, and internships. Through the convergence of sophisticated training, interactive education, and real-time marketability, WIIA is renowned for its high professionalism and for producing a quality workforce in the aviation business. They bring together original thought and perception with the development of educational ideas. They draw imaginative individuals and create an atmosphere that fosters inventive and entrepreneurial thinking, leading to game-changing concepts that make job opportunities.

Technology Services in Digital Marketing:

Digital technology marketing is still a relatively new phenomenon in the marketing world, despite its recent rapid growth. People may now more quickly access a wider variety of information and services thanks to the emergence and widespread use of the internet, online media, and mobile devices. As a result, as businesses attempt to engage with potential customers online, social media marketing has become increasingly popular. The marketing of digital technologies has expanded quickly. Technology has a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, including how we connect and shop. The art of marketing has transformed into a digital one. Regardless of what you are selling and to whom, technology may help you generate more leads and improve the quality of your marketing output.

Western India Institute of Aeronautics

Digital geo specific marketing, social media target marketing

The identity of your brand can be developed through social media, as can connections with present customers and market research. It can be used for strategy development, to raise your SEO rankings, as a direct line of communication with customers, and for a variety of other things. Then, how you use social media should be dictated by that aim. We at Virtual Pebbles concentrate on your audience, deliver high-quality content, and help you build a strong brand.

Geographically focused commercials and visually diverse material are considered to appeal to a broader spectrum of clients, which is the foundation of geo-specific marketing. It not only increases the effectiveness of media spending for advertisers, but it can also provide them with a sizable competitive advantage. In fact, when it comes to ROI, 50% of marketing specialists and 60% of ad industry professionals concur that geo-targeted adverts have a better response rate than general ads.

In marketing, as in so many other areas, it truly is a matter of “right place, right time.” With geo-specific marketing, you can outperform competitors who are based locally, nationally, or even worldwide. A new digital society can genuinely benefit those who are willing to put in the time and effort, but it takes time and more than a bit of patience.

Digital Advertising:

The development of digital technology and, more significantly, digital advertising has given this type of advertising a more enormous boost and control of power than the others by allowing businesses and brands a huge opportunity to promote and communicate with their audience in real-time. One of the many factors is that each metric can be measured. Additionally, how can we overlook the staggering figure that shows there are 5 billion active internet users worldwide? The total number of users on social media is 4.65 billion. Thus, the use of digital platforms has changed the game. Using our digital advertising, you may target digital ads and campaigns for potential audiences and increase traffic to your digital platforms. You may manage who sees and engages with your digital advertising by posting it and timely boosting it. To determine what tactics are most effective, you can easily track and evaluate the results of the campaigns and advertisements and make modifications as necessary.

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Professional Photoshoot, Videography and Vlogging:

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Virtual Pebbles for Educational Institutes:

Educational institutions can communicate with potential students through a wider variety of media, emails, and banner advertising, including social networking sites and more, with the help of digital marketing. As a result, this generates a lot of visitors and impacts your conversion rates. Digital marketing, particularly for educational institutions, offers the rare ability to reach across the entire internet, improving the possibility of lead conversion. Target audiences for educational institutions can easily be achieved with digital programmatic marketing because nearly all of them are constantly active online. Digital marketing is, therefore, the most appropriate kind of advertising for educational institutions, given its function.

The Western India Institute of Aeronautics has experienced tremendous growth because of the powerful marketing platforms used by Virtual Pebbles, whether through creative content and media techniques or up-and-coming lead generation. To demonstrate the level of trust and effect we established for them, the fact that we have been functioning with them for almost two years is sufficient.

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