Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra

Date – 2022

Services – Content and Media Strategy, Print Media & Book Selling Campaigns


Rajiv Malhotra has written several number-one bestsellers. The History of Indian Science & Technology is a 14-volume series that Infinity Foundation has also released. He is an associate of the Advisory Board of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, and he is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Center for Indic Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

He founded the non-profit Infinity Foundation in Princeton, USA, and works there full-time as a historian, social scientist, and mental scientist studying civilisations. More than 400 grants have been awarded by the Infinity Foundation for efforts in research, education, and the community. This involves giving to important US institutions strategically to assist ground-breaking initiatives. The organisation has supported and hosted some of the first and most significant international conferences in India on subjects like comparative religion and Indian mind sciences.

How we drove a larger audience on Rajiv Malhotra’s new book ‘Snakes in The Ganga 2.0’ launch:

Content and Media Strategy

A marketing tactic known as “content and media strategy” is producing and sharing helpful material online with proper execution strategy planning. To draw your audience to you is the aim. It’s referred to as inbound marketing since you use it to draw your audience to you. In contrast, outbound marketing entails contacting your target market. You look them up on the internet.

While outbound marketing drives readers in, inbound marketing draws them in. Even when you’ve done background research to draw readers in, effective inbound marketing will make readers feel as though they’ve just discovered a new book. However, because you’re interrupting them with an advertisement, outbound marketing feels more disruptive.

Social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn is a crucial tool for internet marketing when it comes to growing your audience. We mainly targeted folks who were drawn to the topic of Rajiv Malhotra’s new book when we established a custom audience.

  • On advertising platforms, a brief video commercial and digital display advertising for the book “Snakes in The Ganga 2.0” were displayed.
  • Our expert team kept an eye on and supervised their advertising campaigns.
  • This made it easier for plenty of people to find Rajiv Malhotra’s book website.

Book Selling Campaigns Specially Strategised to Promote ‘Snakes in The Ganga – Breaking India 2.0’

Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms certainly make it challenging to reach new audiences, despite the fact that using relevant hashtags, working with others, and uploading compelling content will gradually get the book discovered. But it’s simpler because of our platform expertise. We also decided to use paid advertising on social media sites to reach new audiences because there is a lot to do and little time with a new book. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so using Facebook ads to reach new audiences on both platforms is simple. We also used Google search and display ads for the campaigns. Made sure the advertisement and the caption stood out. To prevent visitors from simply glancing over sponsored content, our expert graphic designers kept the aesthetic appeal distinct from other sponsored content.

We administered in building a strong presence and awareness for Rajiv Malhotra’s book ‘Snakes in the Ganga – Breaking India 2.0’ launch and India Tour. Our team put a lot of effort into making this event a huge success with their expertise in design, technical and marketing manner of a full-fledged successful marketing campaign for the book launch and India tour.

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