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Date: NOV 2020

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Dr Anand K. Khakhar, Dr Manesh S. Gopaasetty and Ms Gitanjali J. B. created the liver health and liver disease foundation (LYLF) as a non-profit organisation in 2014 with the primary objective of reducing liver diseases in India.

Through its many awareness campaigns, LYLF is dedicated to promoting awareness and organ donation. 200,000 people pass away from liver disease, 50,000 people pass away from heart disease, and 500,000 people die because of organ shortages. They urge people to donate their organs since doing so will save plenty of lives. The objective is to establish connections between medical professionals, members of the public, hospitals, groups, and businesses in order to exchange knowledge and promote awareness of organ donation.

The Foundation’s mission is to educate the general public about liver health issues, problems, and diseases to reduce liver disorders in India. A liver transplant is done when the liver no longer functions normally (liver failure). For instance, an infection or the adverse effects of medication might cause liver failure to develop suddenly (acute liver failure). Liver failure could eventually result from a chronic disease. Through its many awareness campaigns, LYLF is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting organ donation to save as many lives as possible.

With a concentration on patients from low-income families, senior citizens, and kids with special needs, the group seeks to assist people from all walks of life. The Foundation invites you to help those who need special care and attention with them.

How Virtual Pebbles helped the Love Your Liver Foundation spread the word about their work:

Programmatic Marketing:

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Technology Services in Digital Marketing:

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Lead Generation For Non-Profit Organisation:

It’s crucial for you to reach as many people as you can as a member of a non-profit organisation in order to engage them in your purpose. For each business, lead generation is crucial, but non-profits need it more than any other type of business. People need to be aware of your mission if you want them to support it. And until you use efficient non-profit lead generation, they won’t be mindful of it.

This entails luring individuals who fervently support your cause in the non-profit sector. Non-profit organisations must engage with the right individuals at the right time and persuade them to donate their time, money, and other resources; this is a challenging but essential effort. You need to stay in touch with the correct individuals if you want to continue getting support for your cause and raising the necessary finances. Getting the attention of your target audience, or the people who are most inclined to support you is the first stage in this process.

Our team of lead generation specialists at Virtual Pebbles is fully versed in all the tried-and-true techniques for generating leads online. In the past, we’ve worked with non-profit organisations, assisting them in obtaining the contributions and volunteers necessary for their success. For you, we’ll follow suit now!

Working for a Non-profit Foundation:

There are several options available today, in a time when advertising dominates the globe, to assist non-profit groups in spreading their message and raising public awareness of their causes. NGOs like LYLF devote their days to advancing good causes worldwide, and they have a wealth of inspiring tales to tell. People are motivated by our work and frequently decide to join or support the missions of NGOs as a result.

A vital tool for communicating an organisation’s message and promoting its presence and mission is digital marketing. Intelligent planning will enable existing interested parties to be reminded of crucial aid projects or will motivate new interested parties to take an interest. The appropriate messages are disseminated to the relevant audiences with the aid of digital advertising and programmatic marketing. This will significantly enhance engagements with the organisation, such as donations or page visits.

Virtual Pebbles has worked with various non-profits over the years to help them increase their impact and connect with more stakeholders. We have a skilled in-house team that consists of brand strategists, digital marketers, web developers, and web designers. We are tremendously passionate about using our digital knowledge to affect social change, whether it is for an NGO working in the fields of education, healthcare, skill development, or poverty.

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