Kaizen Hospital

Date: JUNE 2018 to May 2019

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Kaizen Hospital was created in Ahmedabad in 2011 with an aim to provide world-class healthcare solutions to society through the advancement of medical technology and medical research and by implementing the best workforce management practices. The institute raises the bar for quality healthcare services by combining the best resources in terms of infrastructure, technology, instruction, and medical knowledge. The hospital is among the first and largest gastroenterology super-speciality hospitals in Western India. As the first and only hospital and research facility in western India dedicated to redefining healthcare norms in the field of gastroenterology, Kaizen stands out. To provide specialised care in different areas of gastroenterology, they established speciality kaizen clinics.

Patients will receive individualised care from Kaizen staff members who put a human touch on the process. They continually strive to offer frank counsel and scientific treatment in order to achieve the optimal patient outcome since they think that the patient comes first in all of their attempts. Their main objective has been and will continue to be patient contentment. A full-time team of medical experts with years of experience, dedication, and leadership skills has joined Kaizen Hospital. A pool of specialists doctors who lend their expertise in cross-disciplinary fields gives the core team more authority.

How Virtual Pebbles helped Kaizen Hospital to reach their potential audience:

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Website Design and Development:

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Working for brands in Healthcare Industry:

Doctors and other healthcare experts can now offer their services online to those outside of their direct vicinity. Healthcare professionals can use digital marketing to create their professional presence, attract new clients, and improve the perception of their field. It is not possible to under-rate the importance of digital marketing in the delivery of healthcare services. We handled Kaizen Hospital’s digital marketing and branding, and as a consequence, we were able to generate a significant number of leads for their business. We not only managed their SEO, digital geo-targeted marketing, social media marketing, and Google remarketing, but we also handled professional media marketing, video shoots, Digital Branding services, website construction, and a variety of other benefits.

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