DATE – FEB 2018 – NOVEMBER 2019

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The fundamental tenet of Inner Sense is to add sense to innerwear. India is a tropical country. However, polyester and nylon are the fabrics that the majority of brands utilise to manufacture innerwear. They saw the severe issue with that and set out to develop a superior fabric that can swiftly drain the moisture on the wearer’s skin, leaving them feeling cleaner and fresher. That’s what inspired us to create a unique bamboo fibre and organic cotton blend.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Original Gangster of fabrics is bamboo. It is a crop that is very sustainable. It can grow with very little water or fertiliser. And what makes it really unique is that it has a hollow interior structure, which allows it to absorb and dissipate moisture 3X more quickly than even cotton. This also results in its natural anti-microbial, anti-odour, and anti-static qualities. Where they care for the farmers and the environment with organic cotton. The fabric is exceptionally environmentally friendly because it is produced without using any dangerous carcinogenic chemicals or pesticides. In order to allow for easy movement and to make the cloth feel less constricting, they add 4% elastane to our fabric.

Services provided by Virtual Pebbles to enhance their Digital Presence:

Digital Advertising:

The playing field is entirely levelled by digital advertising. No matter how little your business is currently, it can grow. You can compete with companies that are considerably more significant thanks to digital advertising, which doesn’t always cost a lot of money. It cannot be very comforting to try to reach a new market with traditional marketing. With the use of internet marketing, you can access new markets without encountering any geographical restrictions. Enter the target city’s name or select a particular city’s radius. You are flexible in terms of audience type and reach. It is simpler to trace each and every click performed when using digital marketing, as well as to identify trends in consumer behaviour. Giving detailed information about your target market also enables you to make very targeted advertising. Digital marketing can help you gather a wealth of communication.

Technology Services in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers the employment of strategies and techniques that will boost not only the quantity but also the calibre of traffic to your website, boosting user engagement and conversion rates. Small and medium-sized businesses should start embracing digital marketing in addition to traditional marketing, which has value and is still essential. Going digital will result in growing and expanding revenues. It is simpler to appropriately target the right audience with the right message in marketing, thanks to digital marketing. Our digital marketing services at Virtual Pebbles can help you grow to the size you need while setting yourself out from the competition. Contact us if you are willing to make growthful changes to your online business.

Content and Media Strategy:

When done well, content marketing requires significant initial time and resources, from strategy and ideation to writing, publishing, distribution, and measurement.

Finding your target and giving them the content they want takes time. Some marketers still question if content can generate a return on investment, or they are unsure of how to evaluate its value. Regular, relevant, high-quality material helps establish your exposure in organic search results, which in turn raises brand recognition. Users looking for the most relevant results to their query will click more often on content that is ranked higher.

Professional Photoshoot:

If you have specialised and personalised photos, you may be able to exceed your rivals. Because your company’s legitimacy is displayed through lucid and creative photo designs, customers will regard your brand as one they can trust and desire to support.

Just as much as your employees or the goods and services you provide, the images you use on your marketing materials help to represent your company. Amateurish, poorly executed images are detrimental to a business. The benefits of having an engaged social media audience that shares, likes, and tweets your content cannot be overstated. The likelihood that your target audiences will interact with your social media postings when you include professionally taken photographs significantly increases, thereby extending the organic reach of your brand and drawing in more potential customers.

Digital Marketing for Lingerie Brands:

Modern lingerie buyers are still searching for the ideal balance of comfort, support, and movement while forgoing in-store shopping in favour of the ease of mobile and social eCommerce. There has never been a better time for your lingerie and intimate brand to invest in top-notch digital marketing methods to attract this new generation of online buyers as more women turn to search engines and social media to locate new products. When you work with Virtual Pebbles, you receive access to a team of SEO and digital marketing specialists with tried-and-true methods for increasing brand awareness, attracting more targeted traffic, and exceeding revenue targets.