GIS Foundation

DATE – Feb 2018
SERVICE – Digital geo specific marketing, photoshoots, search engine optimization, video shoots social media target marketing, google remarketing, professional media focused marketing, print requirements.

GIS VISION: GIS is striving to work towards Developing, Promoting, and Inculcating the culture of INNOVATION in the day-to-day life of every individual.

GIS MISSION: GIS will seek to create a strategy for fostering innovations at the state and sector levels with a major focus on MSME & Postgraduate students from Professional courses focusing on five key parameters: Platform, inclusion, Eco-system, Drivers, Discourse.

GIS with a blessing and guidance from Visionary Leader Hon’ble Prime Minister of India; the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS) took birth in presence of Young Innovators along with more than 300 prominent Citizens launched GIS. GIS has received recognition and support of more than 30 Industrial and Educational Organizations for the first day itself from across Gujarat.

GIS was working as Charitable Trust Since 2011. Recently to work at PAN INDIA, a new identity in the name of GIS Foundation is created. GIS Foundation (GIS) is a Not for Profit sec. 8 co. Registered under Companies Act 2013 having a 12AA and 80G exemption from IT Act 1961.

We at GIS understand that ‘SELF OATH’ from an Individual for ONE INNOVATION in a Year will help create a Knowledge-Based Society. While the journey of GIS so far has facilitated more than 3.62 lakh individuals with Self-Oath. In the last 9 years, a number of platforms, people have come forward and shared their Innovation and Habit of Innovation through the SELF OATH. This is certainly a great transformation GIS is witnessing in Society. Which helps the nation to jump in Global Innovation Index.

gujarat innovation society

GIS engages in INNOVATION and INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY – at Education Institutions, Industries and at Government emerging and transform its activities. GIS had received tremendous support from all across the Society – MNC, Corporate, Institutions, Individuals, and Government of Gujarat and Government of India.

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gis foundation

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We must stay aware of the most recent online media drifts and apply them to your independent company.

Our steps to promote their business in social media:

  1. Makes profiles on different stages
  2. Define your marketing goals
  3. Post content daily
  4. Give consumers a reason to follow you

1. Make profiles on different stages

On the off chance that they have a Facebook page for their business, that is incredible.

In any case, Facebook alone won’t be sufficient to expand its compass. We’ll need to set up a presence on however many social stages as could be allowed.

Here’s a gander at the online media channels that independent ventures utilize the most:

Facebook drives the path for private companies.

Not exactly 50% of independent ventures use Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to showcase their brands. Before we race to make a profile on all the channels recorded above, we should comprehend their objective market.

For instance, LinkedIn is more helpful to B2B organizations. That is because 80% of leads produced by B2B brands come from LinkedIn.

In any case, if your private company is attempting to create leads from Baby Boomers, it wouldn’t bode well to organize Snapchat.

Beginning with a Facebook profile is a sure thing. With almost 1.5 billion every day dynamic clients, we can accept their intended interest group has a presence there.

In all honesty, after so long, Facebook is as yet the quickest developing informal organization. So, it’s not going anyplace right away.

After we make a Facebook page, we need to figure out which different channels are reasonable for their image and promoting system.

2. Define your marketing goals

We can’t simply indiscriminately begin posting content via online media without some kind of purpose. Before we do whatever else, we need to distinguish their promoting objectives.

These are a portion of the top objectives that independent ventures are attempting to achieve with their online media techniques:

While lead age, brand mindfulness, and client commitment are generally valid justifications to utilize online media, it doesn’t mean there ought to be theirs.

We might be utilizing online media to give better client assistance or straightforwardly drive deals.

You wouldn’t run a promotion on the radio or a print commercial without setting up an objective first, so you need to treat your online media technique a similar way.

When you choose the reason for your web-based media crusades, it will be a lot simpler for you to think of substance to post. As we’ll examine soon, it tends to be hard to consider thoughts for new posts.

Be that as it may, if you can set up what you need to achieve with your substance, you’ll realize what to post to accomplish those objectives.

3. Post content daily

Since you have a web-based media profile on various stages, you must ensure those records are dynamic.

Each time you post a new substance, you remind your adherents that your image exists.

At the point when they need or need whatever you’re offering, they’ll consider your organization restricted to another private venture in the territory.

One reason why the private company isn’t posting content every day is that they don’t have a clue what to post. On the off chance that you fall into this class, allude back to your promoting objectives.

For instance, if you will likely advance new items available to be purchased on your web-based business webpage, at that point post a limited time special for those items.

Offer new substance from your site. Present connections on your most as of late distributed posts.

Notwithstanding posting content every day, it’s likewise significant for you to react to your clients. I’m alluding to coordinate messages just as remarks.

48% of shoppers state that when an organization is responsive via web-based media, it will provoke them to make a buy.

4. Give consumers a reason to follow you

To have an effective online media showcasing procedure for your independent company, you need to have loads of devotees. Something else, no one will see your substance.

When they’re ready to develop their social after, it will be simpler for us to change over your adherents into clients.

That is because shoppers are bound to purchase from brands they follow via web-based media.

Here is a portion of the top reasons why individuals would be keen on after any private venture via web-based media:

  • They’re interested in your items or administrations
  • you offer restrictive advancements
  • your substance is engaging
  • you offered an impetus
  • their companions or family follow your image

So, ensure that the substance merits the following. As we’ve seen, getting more supporters will eventually build their odds of driving more deals.

Run a challenge. Advance blaze deals and limits.

Simply don’t post such a large number of advancements, or it will make individuals unfollow you. 46% of customers state they’ll unfollow brands that post excess of limited-time content.

If we need to post substance on different occasions every day, think about sharing transient substance, which we’ll examine in more prominent detail in no time.

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