Ceramic Fashion Studios

DATE – MAY 2017 – MARCH 2018

SERVICE – Brand creation, Digital geo specific marketing, photoshoots, Search engine optimisation, Social media target marketing, Google remarketing, Professional media-focused marketing


Ceramic Fashion Studio ships its high-quality goods straight from its Indian manufacturing and design facility to several continents. The best equipment and technology from across the world are used in their facilities to offer a 100% output rate. Their integrated infrastructure and capacity to deliver products on schedule speak for themselves, and our clients are loyal to our commitment to quality and timely delivery. The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, and its founders have vast experience in the ceramics industry. They brand their freshly produced products in accordance with global trends. The most valuable resource for Ceramic Fashion Studio is the committed Core team for the varied specialisations inside the process among departments.

Their mission is to continuously improve and implement various techno-aesthetic applications on and for ceramic tiles to deliver innovative solutions for wall and floor décor to all market segments while maintaining leadership through excellence in current fashion trends and optimistic thinking.

Services provided by Virtual Pebbles to enhance their Digital Presence:

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising completely levels the playing field. No matter how tiny your firm is right now, it can expand. Digital advertising allows you to compete with much bigger businesses without always having to spend a lot of money. Using traditional marketing to expand to a new area is a nerve-wracking endeavour. Without facing any geographic barriers, digital marketing will enable you to reach new markets. Type in the desired city or choose a particular city’s radius. With regard to audience type and reach, you are adaptable. Digital marketing makes it easier to track each and every click made as well as to spot trends in consumer behaviour. Giving specific data about your target market also helps you create advertising that is incredibly focused. You may collect a wealth of communication with the aid of digital marketing.

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Technology Services in Digital Marketing

Utilising approaches and strategies that will not only drive more traffic to your company but also drive higher-quality traffic that will engage with and convert more customers is made possible by digital marketing. Traditional marketing still has value and is crucial, but small and medium-sized firms should start embracing digital as well. Growing and increasing revenues will result from going digital. Digital marketing makes it easier to effectively target the correct audience with the right message in marketing. At Virtual Pebbles, we offer digital marketing services that can help you expand to the level you require and differentiate yourself from the competition. If you are prepared to change, please get in touch with us.

Content and Media Strategy:

The initial time and resources needed for content marketing, from strategy and ideation to writing, publishing, distribution, and measurement, are significant when done correctly.

It takes time to determine your target and provide them with the material they desire. Some marketers continue to have doubts about content’s capacity to provide a return on investment or don’t know how to gauge its worth. Your exposure in organic search results can be established by regular, high-quality, relevant content, which in turn increases brand recognition. Higher-ranking content draws more clicks from users looking for the most relevant results to their query.

Professional Photoshoot:

You have the chance to outperform your competitors if you have personalised and expert photographs. Customers will trust your brand as legitimate and one they want to support as a consequence of your company’s credibility being demonstrated through clear and imaginative photo designs.

Just as much as your employees or the goods and services you provide, the images you use on your marketing materials serve to represent your company. Poorly done, amateur photos have a negative impact on a company. It is tough to overestimate the advantages of having an active social media following that shares, likes, and tweets your content. By using professionally taken images with your social media posts, you significantly increase the likelihood that your target audiences will engage with them, so expanding the organic reach of your brand and attracting more prospective consumers.

Making a lasting and relatable relationship with your audience requires adhering to your brand conscience, regardless of your service, product, or target market. The first stage in creating a brand is using our knowledge in reputable and long-lasting brand development through integrated marketing strategies. Our in-depth market and industry research contributes to the development of an excellent grasp of consumer, influencer, and trade behaviour or buying patterns, which eventually produces the best results from brand-building operations.

Virtual Pebbles may help if you’re searching for a full-service digital marketing company to assist with the implementation of an Internet marketing strategy for your tiles manufacturing company. Your firm will be able to profit from the outcomes that matter most to your organisation thanks to our all-inclusive digital marketing services.