Aarneea Foods

Date: July 2022

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Website: https://aarneeafoods.com

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Aarneea Foods LLP is a peanut processing business that has received US FDA approval and BRC standard (British Retail Council) “A grade” certification. It was founded on the founder’s desire to prepare and serve wholesome food to his family and other families who were having trouble meeting their nutritional needs on a standard dairy-based diet. The existence of their farms, which grow potatoes and groundnuts in various seasons in northern Gujarat, India, served as the primary impetus for founding Aarneea Foods’ peanut processing operation. They are the leading manufacturer and seller of Peanut Butter, Roasted Blanched Peanuts, Flavoured Peanuts, Chocolate Spreads, Almond Butter, Raw peanuts, and Coated peanuts. Aarneea Food’s peanuts include more protein, nutritious calories, and heart-healthy fats than other brands. Aarneea Foods’ quality team takes great effort to make sure that all of our goods adhere to international certifications and standards. The Aarneea Foods team is committed to producing traditional peanut butter spreads, health-conscious choices, and crave-worthy combos that will make people and families joyful put them at peace, and feel powerful.

Their knowledgeable team is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction through prompt, dependable product supply. Innovation, strategic planning, client focus, and the usage of cutting-edge technologies are all components of its thought process. Aarneea Food’s product formulation and processing are their unique selling points. All nut-based items are roasted solely (no frying!). They don’t use any artificial colours or additives for flavours (only use natural ingredients and spices). After being roasted and cooled, the peanuts go through blanching, which involves removing the skins using heat or water. The benefit of the heat treatment is that it gets rid of the peanut’s bitter centre. The blanched peanuts are then processed in a grinding device with other necessary ingredients. The peanut butter is ready for packaging once it has cooled.

In their opinion, localities and communities should make an effort to improve. Aarneea ensured that this culture persisted in developing from the first kitchen to the table since choosing the best peanut has forever been a resident of the culture. Aarneea believes in “the happy and well health of one home at a time,” realising the importance of wholesome meals in uniting individuals and families. Aarneea offers a wide range of items to satisfy a variety of interests in order to make this goal a reality.

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