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Leads generation strategy by Tarun Gurwara, the best digital marketing consultant for Digital Strategies

In the best world, leads would flow every minute and every day, loads of them and that too, without any digital strategy or digital content with campaigns on google search. In a perfect world without any competition with only a simple website live, this is possible. The truth is we don’t like that kind of world. It’s a rate race. Every day, our content, campaigns, strategies are challenged, and the rankings take a dip or take a rise. As a best digital marketing consultant in India, Lead generation depends on many criteria and getting difficult day by day in this rat race.

The question is, how do we strategize and succeed by getting relevant & numerous leads frequently. Every customer wants to see magic, and as a digital marketing consultant in India and digital marketing agencies, our job to show them magic via digital marketing, using their brand, and creating strategies around the content we create for their brand. Leads get generated on the content and in the digital presence, and on their platforms once the business is out of the awareness stage.

Lead generation can be done in the following ways, campaigns from social media and acquisition campaigns using Google Adwords ads. Inbound lead generation can also be done by planning campaigns that are event-based, temporary in nature, and time-bound, and there can be many of these kinds, which can be planned and executed. Lead generation can also be done by connecting to your database of engaged users by sending them personalized emails and showing them your niche and USP content, as they are already engaged with you. The cycle to get inbound varies from campaign type.

Practically, the teams that work intelligently and very logically with a strong eye on budgets, demographics, and target audiences can usually generate strong leads. There are teams, which shoot in the dark blindly and keep doing the same continually and even after failing. Few times, the lesson on how to optimize is not learned, and that is what happens to untrained and inexperienced freelancers anywhere in the world. If these freelancers are part of an agency, it’s a double whammy and the perfect recipe to fail and not generate leads or inbound interest.

I delivered digital marketing consultant services to many industries and generate leads for them. I create and execute the digital strategy for different industries and generate leads through social media, professional media, and search engine

List of the industries,

Online Education application – I create and execute the strategy that increased application downloads

Electronics manufacturing – Help the customers to generate B2B leads in Pan India

Education – For the Education industry admission is where the clients are more focused. I generate many leads and help them to convert those leads into the admission

Automobile dealer – The automobile industry is focused on sales. I delivered genuine leads that convert into sales for automobile dealers.

Real estate development – Real estate development is the most challenging industry because many of the digital marketing agencies and digital marketing consultants failed to deliver leads that convert into the sale. I created a strategy for many real estate developers and help them to get leads that give them a business

Financial services – I create a digital strategy for a financial services company and generate leads for the different services that they are provides

Healthcare – Healthcare industry is the most difficult industry to generate leads. I helped many hospitals to get 15-20 new patients every day through leads

Mental wellness – India is a country where mental health is not that important as any other developed country.

Fabric manufacturing – For the fabric manufacturing industry I helped them to increase their sale through B2C leads.

Panel manufacturing – Panel manufacturing industries I makes a strong digital strategy for B2B and B2C leads around India and for other countries.