Lead Generation for Healthcare Foundation

Healthcare lead generation can be a difficult field. The medical industry is evolving at a rapid rate thanks to technological advancements and endless growth opportunities. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Launch Leads provides updated lead generation technology to help potential clients find you. Let us contact the critical persons from your target foundations who demonstrate a genuine need and fit for your healthcare services.

Engage leading healthcare experts from across the country with our multi-channel approach to lead generation. Throughout every stage of the sales process, we’ll keep you informed, updated, and aware of all the moves we’re making to improve your sales pipeline.

About LYLF

LYLF is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Anand K Khakhar, Ms. Gitanjali J B, and Dr. Manesh S Gopaasetty in 2014 to reach out to the general public and raise awareness about liver health, concerns, and disorders, with the primary goal of lowering liver diseases in India.

LYLF is committed to increasing awareness and pushing for organ donation through its numerous awareness programs. 500,000 people die as a result of organ shortages, 200,000 people die from liver illness, and 50,000 people die from heart disease. We encourage people to donate their organs, which will save countless lives. The goal is to connect doctors, the general public, hospitals, clubs, religious organizations, and corporations to share information and raise awareness about organ donation.

The Foundation’s goal is to reach out to the general public and raise awareness about liver health, concerns, and diseases linked with it, all to lower liver ailments in India. When the liver no longer works properly, a liver transplant is considered (liver failure). For example, liver failure can occur rapidly (acute liver failure) as a result of infection or pharmaceutical side effects. The eventual effect of a long-term condition can potentially be liver failure. LYLF is committed to increasing awareness and pushing for organ donation through its numerous awareness programs so that many lives can be saved.

The organization aims to help people from all walks of life, with a special focus on patients from low-income families, senior residents, and children with special needs. The Foundation encourages you to join us in helping people who require extra care and attention.

Our Services to Healthcare Foundation for Lead Generation

some of the steps you should take when developing your healthcare lead generation campaign include:

  • Determine your ideal client profile
  • Understand the parameters of qualifying leads
  • Verify the objective of each qualified lead or appointment
  • Assign leaders to manage lead communication and appointments
  • Establish a contact strategy with on-brand messaging
  • Set up technologies that will enhance contact points like rapid inbound lead response times
  • Create a multi-channel approach to communication, including email, phone calls, in-person events, etc.
  • Discuss next steps to take after successfully contacting a prospect
  • Establish a strategy for leads that aren’t ready to move forward in the sales process

Our Services to healthcare foundation for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our Lead generation strategy gives the target audience the right audience by observing and analyzing consumers behaviour. We generate quality leads for them.

We generate leads from


Through our strong SEO Strategy, their main targeted keywords ranked 1st-page pan India. That helps to increase inbound messages through the website.

Our SEO services

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO

We optimized their website every week and our main focus was to give a better user experience to their audience. With the perfect CTA’s and strong on-page and off-page strategy, we achieved good rankings.

Are you always on the lookout for new ways to improve your online

Let’s have a look at how our SEO Strategy achieved

  • Increase in website traffic
  • Improves your sales.
  • Make your website user-friendly.
  • Increases your search engine ranking
  • Accelerate your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Improves brand positioning.
  • Enhances local SEO and brand awareness.

Social and professional media

Our steps to promote their business in social media:

  1. Makes profiles on different stages
  2. Define your marketing goals
  3. Post content daily
  4. Give consumers a reason to follow you

We drive the quality leads from the different campaigns for the travel agency. Our social media marketing as a digital marketing solution focuses on enhancing your online presence across social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Through our social media marketing and Professional media marketing strategy, we achieved

  • Helps in building brand awareness.
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Broadens your potential customers with vast reach
  • Encourages repeat purchases.
  • Generate valuable and high-quality leads

Our social media marketing services advantages for a healthcare foundation

  • Boost Brand Recognition
  • Obtaining Leads
  • Increase Conversions
  • Analyze in-depth
  • The number of people who know about healthcare foundation

We have done their Digital Marketing and Digital Branding and by that, we can generate a great number of leads in their business. We have also done their search engine optimization, digital geo specific marketing, social media marketing, google remarketing. Still, professional media also focused on marketing, video and photo shoots, Digital Branding services, email marketing and many more. We at virtual pebbles believe in empowering our customer’s digital dreams and taking their business ahead. Our customers chose us because of the level of quality we deliver. Not only that, but they also selected Virtual Pebbles because we personalized our digital marketing services to fit their unique needs. We understand that every business is unique, and we’re enthusiastic about working with you to find out what you need to succeed digitally.